Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Yeah we are , why else would we be wasting our time debating about This when no one gives a f. About what we think


good point


I agree but it feels good to get it out. and sadly this is funner than the game now…


i heard of a good game… think it’s called roblox… gonna go check it out


I thought roblox was a social hangout kind of like Gaia online…


its a good game , not too stressfull , and doesnt require p2w :smiley:


this, new auto pilot is sad, why play the game. where is the challenge in it…:slight_smile::unamused::confounded::grimacing::sob::scream:


Oh dont worry the ai is so dumb that it can’t do very hard missions it dies a lot… This new feature is great for easy missions while you watch tv. It saves you a whole 4 clicks on the level 1 boss and since you got half the energy it takes half the time yay!


I was being facetious, I am 45 i don’t play Roblox - XD :sob:


Tbh I think playing Roblox would be more entertaining than this now.





Read the last 5 months (!!!) on SuperMechs facebook site …
95% are NEGATIVE commands.

If I were tacticsoft, I would start thinking about what I did wrong to have so much negative commands.

But maybe they like it … who knows :grey_exclamation:



I dare any TS staff to say let them eat cake! LOL :heartpulse::blush:


Qu’ils mangent de la brioche


Yeah thats right… its a Queen Marie Antoinette joke :disappointed:


So, I read your feedback and here are some comments.

First, I have to admit we were a bit surprized from the reactions you guys expressed in this thread.

We were all excited and focused about providing the new Auto Pilot feature which could make grinding easier and more fun.

The Fuel changes were something we were planning for quite some time based on the analytics. I’ll take a moment to explain the process behind the changes we did.

Our data from both Android & iOS shows crucial majority of the player base never use fuel cap to the full. This includes players in levels 40 to 100, which is the majority of our mid to high level players. This data indicates Fuel is close to meaningless as a resource and the fuel rewards are also, as a result, quite meaningless.

In order to change that and making fuel meaningfull as originally designed, it was obvious we had to reduce the cap per level.

The changes we made were mostly affecting the very high level players. We specifically didn’t make any changes in the lower levels and in the mid-high levels changes were relatively minor. For example Fuel Cap of level 30 went from 50 to 47 (down 3 points). In level 40 it went from 62 to 51 (down 11 points). The gap does get bigger as you go up levels, so for example level 80, where Fuel used to be 100, it was reduced to 61.

We also made sure the fuel allows the majority of players to keep playing the same amount of campaign missions per day (on insane). Obviously we couldn’t and still can’t tailor the amount to the usage of each individual player, but the changes we made are not supposed to make a significant change in amount of missions played for the majority of players.

For the majority of players, the change in Fuel cap is mostly a percived change (visual) rather than really affecting gameplay.

As an added value, this change also makes Fuel rewards meaningful again for dedicated players.

And exacly for these players we have changed the daily quest of winning PvP battels to reward 20 Fuel, and the condition to complete it was reduced from 5 wins to 3 wins.

We also have plans to add Fuel rewards in other places in the game, allowing these high-activity players get additional Fuel by interacting with the game rather than by just plainly have it there.

This gives you a deeper look into the Fuel Cap change, now to the Fuel Boost price change.

First, the reason I call it Fuel Boost and not Fuel Refill as in the game is that it doesn’t work as a refill. It simply add the Fuel Cap amount to your account, even if this means exceeding the cap. It basically doubles the amount of Fuel you have. This is important since it basically doubles the amount of gameplay in the campaign for that session.

Auto Pilot allows missions to be consumed/grinded very fast, especially thanks to the X2 speed feature. To somehow reduce the abuse of grinding per day, now that it’s way less effort, we decided to raise the price of the Boost to 30. This is an amount non dedicated players have a harder time to generate in a game session so it’s reduced the amount of times they can double gameplay time.

As to the claim we only did this price change for “greed”, I can assure you NO ONE here at Tacticsoft believes a 10 tokens price increase on Fuel Refill will make us suddenly rich. It’s way too easy to get these extra 10 tokens by spending more time playing the game then for it to be an effective revenue source.

This was a long response so I’ll sum it up for the TL;DR people.

This main update is about the Auto Pilot feature, which we are all TRUELY very excited about. When we were testing in our on enviorment it was a bit hard to return to the real game and not have it, and I hope you guys will love it as much as we do.

The Fuel changes we did were done to bring back meaning to the Fuel resource and for the majority of players it didn’t really change the amount of missions they usually play. It does, however, feel visually damaging.

We added ways to earn Fuel during gameplay for the engaged players, and now, as fuel rewards are meaningful again, we plans to add more ways to get fuel in the game in the near future.

And of course, as always, will be monitoring the gameplay data closely in the next few days, and if there will be balancing changes required, we will do it.

I hope experiencing the awesomeness of Auto Pilot, together with a peek into the process I descibed above, will change your percenption and increase youe enjoyment of the game!

Take a day or two to play and as always, we read your feedback.



The auto play feature is nice . You do not have to choose to use it . You can still grind away manually . The cut in energy was done with very poor rationale . I do not currently use my fully fused brightroar after the nerf. That does not give you the right to take it from my inventory. Many players have worked very hard to get to their level of play and have had those " advantages" taken from them with no say in the matter. I was encouraged by the portal missions. You seem to have taken a huge step back in repairing developer/player relations with this energy cut. I would strongly suggest you re think that decision. Other than that the auto pilot is a nice feature.

@Mohadib @Sarah247


then freaking remove the fuel and make grinding infinite , without worrying about the fuel not being used , is it that hard?


I don’t like the auto pilot because I mainly use my corrupt light and savagery…the other weapons are for emergencies but it just uses random weapons and I can’t control what my mech is doing…the point of the game is to control your mech…isn’t it?


I got it…:metal:
btw i’m french
Nice quote :sunglasses:


Fuel is gold and items… I am surprised by your findings that no one used it.

Why change it when supposedly you just made a brand new funner easier way to use it?

So I guess no one will miss the extra gold and items…

If it was more useful but most people can spam an easy mission and do it almost as fast as your AI… As it is now it is kind of useless for anything but spamming easy stuff like level 1 boss that most of us can do on insane in 15 - 30 seconds… [quote=“Mohadib, post:139, topic:8697”]

And of course, as always, will be monitoring the gameplay data closely in the next few days, and if there will be balancing changes required, we will do it.

This always scares me.

Only time will tell… Thanks for the info…