Major Update - Auto Pilot!


The kind of “gold” the developers love to eat.



Im actually glad TS didn’t work on BD!or they would have ruined it like this one


24k carat gold

since they are soo called M I L L I O N A R E S


Yes… a big load of “gold”… very special gift for them.


Pilot: MonsterSirSin - this 100 percent -


at this point the game is soo shit i prefer to watch jake paul


Responding to @ShadowOfDeath and @Mohadib

Personally, I dislike the new autopilot feature. This is because it takes away fun when it is activated and the AI is not intelligent (it was playing my build wrong). However, if you were a “stupid player” this would be a great update but as @Misfit quite rightfully said: “it kicks the grinding/hardore/F2P players in the teeth”.

Despite the autopilot being implemented, the fuel capacity has been neglected by @Mohadib and his team. Although the players have their mission done automatically - probably in a worse way - players still have to sit through and watch their mech. I appreciate @Mohadib for allowing it to be played manually and automatically but I disagree with the box nerf once again and the reduced fuel capacity.

Following from @ToxicDoll @Fluxeon @Kaen , the autoplay is like a robot replacing a worker who has been loyal to a company but now is redundant in their post. People play games to play, not to sit and watch (some people watch people play games on YT but that is different (not by me personally)).

I hope @Mohadib has learnt from our feedback and felt that this was a fair post.

@Skiller-Legendary you say you were “a tester”, how does this update ACTUALLY help you apartf rom being lazy? The only person to benefit is @Wepwawet . I hope the “login in for 20 tokens” @Mordulec @bestplayerintheworld does not come into place XD .



Maybe instead of a login screen, they will replace it with a big button that says “Buy Tokens”. :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for the time when they bann all top players for ‘being too good’


a big red button with a lot of ADDS


A mod before this update last night asked us why we are always so hostile and said people in BD forum got along better… Well @Tacticsoft this shit is why we are so hostile… This is the most asinine game ever secret updates, secrets and secrets the comunity acts like this shit is the kennedy shooting and you still won’t help. We have asked for info on weapons for the wiki and guide that players are having to make that was a big FU to us… We ask you for info on the future of the game nope… We ask for a better player base and you take half our energy and give us tardAI. I could already do level 1 boss in 15 sec now I can only do it half as mucH. This and more is why this community is hostile…


as tox said , its not our fault , let Ts fix their shit. then we will be docile


I’m pretty sure they wont give us info on the weapons and shit because they want us to have to buy them to find that shit out to post it… and make their guide for them and pay for it…


At this point of the game , every update will be hated , unless they will actually listen to the community and give them what THEY want , not some shit where they cut energy in half


This is how I envision a staff meeting lol.

I know what we need for the next update lets change all the flash buttons colors and positions so players that are used to how they are can’t find them and make epics twice as rare… maybe if they are too busy finding the buttons they won’t notice that the price of gold boxes has doubled huh huh? wink wink? They are stupid they won’t figure it out. We can call it a graphic update for their viewing pleasure!



How I envision their staff meeting… one guy asleep and drooling on the table, while the others are missing.



resists temptation to post merchant meme