Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Told you This text will be blurred


um i am not a fan of this new update. First off the Legacy items i have i cant upgrade them cause of the update and that they are legacy items. The new items are Over Powered and the campaign are AI s are hard to beat and my legacy weapons are so under powered.


Hey @RyanSnipezzz05, You seem a bit late to the party.

The update to the new balance system was last august and was indeed a big change. Only a few legacy items are currently worth keeping (those with push/pull or 1kg teleport are to name but a few) but the rest you may as well use to boost newer items…

I’d suggest using the free boxes you get and grinding the first boss campaign mission to get some nice items and then start building up a mech. If you need further advice feel free to start a new thread and post your mech. Do make sure that you check the transform range of items as you’ll want to use things that can be made into mythicals.


Sorry to revive this but…
Did you know that the Autobot is actually smart enough to teleport and use the scope?


I noticed it.
When i fighted with the claw boss.


Looks like we underestimated the brain of this little banger.


We still need to teach em how to cooldown lol.


I’m no heater,so I don’t know.
But still,being able to fire the Falcon is a really pleasant surprise coming from the bot we called ‘‘dumb’’ and that ‘‘fired the first thing on hand’’.


I’m lvl 140 and still have lots of fuel, had like 90-ish now 71, nuff for me, also did you buy all those tokens? hope you dont go broke… :stuck_out_tongue:


Right now.


We still need to protest TS about nerfing.
Stop nerfs yeh?




It’s not about being a heater, it’s about not be burned to crisp if you don’t have 600+ H.Cap and 400+ Cooldown :joy_cat:
I assure you, knowing when to cool is useful when you don’t have anti-heater’s stats ^^