Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Yup, they just ignored it as everything else.


Function of the playtester is to test the performance of an aspect of the application.

But its function is not to put the price!

A model can tell if a suit is comfortable, beautiful, practical, or if it´s not and that could be improved. But the price, once it goes on market, puts the designer!


pulls out 12 Ga. with 31/2" shell BBB and shoots playtester tween eyes.:imp:


Hey it’s my brother! I like the idea. I understand your thoughts but no need to be rash. Love you :heart:


@Mohadib is going to tell us where the easy to get 10 tokens are, aren’t you @Mohadib? If not then yes, this topic should be locked.


He just lied. But as usual.


you just got 45 tokens from the portal if you passed each difficulty. you’re welcome.


Yes a nice portal, glad it came - even if a little late. Portal is unrelated to “just playing the game for longer”. Unless @mohadib really meant a week longer! Anyway, thanks for your welcome :slight_smile:


come to think of it…the auto pilot is pretty useful


Maybe they gonna give us back the previous fuel limit as a christmas gift. That would make everybody happy.



I was hoping for a unicorn event :open_mouth:


You mean a reindeer event, right?


The Teletubbies event will be next, prepare for it as it will be the best yet…


The important word here is IF

If you are strong enough to beat it, yes, you can get 45 Tokens in portals…
But if you’re less strong, you’ll get only 30, and 15 if you have “crappy” mech…

And if it’s a high-difficulty portal, I won’t comment then…


I think this update is actually decent. I do all kinds of things while my energy is getting eaten up by auto.


Stop complaining, most of you don’t even used to play campaign. That’s just annoying.


I have brutality (mythical), windigo (maxed), and avenger.


yes. next is teletubbies, another next is Mickey mouse event, what is next: super mario?


I can’t wait for the Teletubbies event! I’m sure @Zarkares would love it too.


wow the cute creations, which eat pancakes :blush:
Seems cute!