Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Ok, i just log on sm a few minutes ago and of course had a hard time to finish all the fuel(65) i have ;)…

Now stuck with nothing to do because of the incredible amount of items i got ( that doesn’t even allow me to upgrade anything…

PVP? Naaa only 229 online and i hate to go in arena half naked ^^.


The reset period of the free box too lengthened or was it just my subjective impression?
The trouble with the boxes. They are sorely not. The trend of circumcision was observed by me for a long time.
Today fuel is not enough - 5 insan BB, 4 won. 3 Boxing. 8 Item. Rare and Commons.

And just curious - that broke the fuel tank of the circumcision - it is also unused. Where the experience and excitement of developers for it fate?


You mean like this:

HALF naked is understatement in this case…



I’m only level 50 but lost 20 Fuel. I think that is a LOT. Almost 30%.
Did you check players all total players? Maybe a lot of them quit. And that is why their Fuel is not used.
And now a refill / boost is 150% for a 70% tank.

If you would let it be 20 Tokens, it would be still more expensive for us, because we will get less Fuel than before.
Please don’t call it Full refill, when players lost 20%-40% of their total fuel.

I don’t like the Autp Pilot.
Idea is fine, but you have to be there and start every battle. And AP can lose too.

2X speed is Fantastic. 4X speed would be better than Autopilot.

Restore our Fuel in next update please.


Miscalculated. Fuel is not just “almost” 100% more Tokens…
It is more than 100% !


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Wat? :no_mouth: :no_mouth:


As best stopped being personal here you should stop being personal in this topic too. So please stay in topic guys :slight_smile:


Heya’ll. Looks like you’re all having one hell of a good time complaining. :slight_smile: (In which I can’t blame you guys for doing it)

Anyways, I’m not here to complain and b****h about this update. Many good points pointed here, but I haven’t read a single good thing about this particular update. (Please do reply to me and quote some good stuff stated that I have missed)

So, auto-pilot is great for collecting loot, destroying buildings, getting the bonuses for your mech. But don’t auto-pilot when you’re against something like… Big Boy. I’ve died about two times because of auto-pilot, in which I would’ve taken out Big Boy if I was doing it myself.

When you’re in auto-pilot, its playstyle is exactly like the style of AIs. So if you have a weapon that has knockback (shotguns), and is in Range 1, it would use that weapon instead of stomp. So be aware and careful 'bout that.

This is why I personally deactivate auto-pilot whenever I engage AI mechs to make the best possible moves as much as possible.

For all you guys who are disliking this update because it removes the “challenge”, remember, you can always deactivate the auto-pilot system.

But yeah, the thing you did with the fuels? Definitely not cool. The reason of: “Because players could abuse the auto-pilot system” is pretty agreeable. However, I highly doubt anyone would spend tokens for campaign. And auto-pilot is very very risky when fighting strong mechs since it just keep pulling the triggers and don’t do stuff like jumping back in certain circumstances.

Keep the 30 tokens refill, but maintain the original max limit of fuels. Overall, this is a decent update. :ok_hand:


There is quite a few positive words here about auto pilot actually. You should have read more.

Do you really expect positive words about any other aspect of this update? How do you judge “overall this is a decent update”? I criticise you because you criticise all others here…
Your comment doesn’t make sense. your advice on use of auto pilot is helpfull (if obvious).
Lots of players spend token for fuel. 20 was ok for a refill, 30 is too much. The reduction of fuel cap is too high for MANY players. For some it is fine to have a bit less fuel than before - for others they lost half.

It must be balanced, and swiftly. Oh and we are still waiting for @Mohadib to tell us where we can “easily get ten tokens by playing the game for longer”.


I don’t believe you @Mohadib. Nor should anyone else. Tokens cost money. Using more tokens TO GET LESS OF SOMETHING costs MORE money. Is it simple enough?

Please tell us HOW to get these token by PLAYING THE GAME. You said it!



I received fuel from the daily bonuses.

already the whole 5 pieces

The attraction of unprecedented generosity

I go Ramboy amused.

ps The dynamics of the game dropped considerably, production boxes estimate less than five times.


Autopilot 2nd day test

-now x2 speed gets laggy if u use it on manual mode
-still suck u have to see the whole battle
-autopilot reduce players interest on play, make em lazy and with time gonna reduce spenders interest
-fuel from pvp reward helps if u r below lvl 30, but also it means less gold
-pvp reward was reduced now instead of 5 daily bonus we get 3
-items drop rate increased on 20% commons as i see
-charcoal items now feel like ashes dont worth even 1 mythical lvl
-campaign reward now feels ridiculess on cost/reward system
-fuel cap hurt a lot now, instead of reducing and put a refuel cost why dont u let us buy more fuel cap? that way u can win money without killing farming
-posible entertainment in game hours reduced from 2 to 1 (on the best situation posible)
-walking speed is slower on normal speed, and get weird on x2 speed
-if u got weapons with better lvl ai dont care & use all of them as equal
-low fuel cap add to the common game frustration, stress
-farming x f2p become harder wich wont help game grow
-what have u done to non mythical max item drop? it looks like they spam drops on every box
-the only too hight cap is still the common drop
-premium pack dont worth the tokens now
-premium box still suck

in conclusion dear @Mohadib
-reducing the fuel cap bring us a clear view of the lame drop rates we have even on premium boxes, wich obviously gonna mean reducing spenders, if at least u ensure 1 leg item on premium pack this nonsense would work well at the end
-reducing fuel cap reduced players joy x the game on 75%, the point of a game is play it, if players cant play ur game how in blazes that could work?, it should be added the “add fuel cap” option like on storage limit
-Autopilot wasnt a needed feature, and less the way it is
it should just show the map animations without the battles and instakill every enemy, the idea of autoplay is repeat already passed lvls to farm items in that specific lvl, using this on non passed lvls is nonsense
also game dosnt have specific category drops so farming its basically just to get upgrade power, wich means, u cut in half the upgrading system
-x2 speed button worked perfect yesterday make gameplay feeled exciting, now it works properly only with autopilot
-walking animation feels weird today
-autoplay dont give any benefits ingame so i see as nonsense “abusing of this feature”
-pvp become even less interesting, if the 3 first victories bonus would be the same as the rest of victories, people would do pvp more, now theyll do less
-the only “good” feature was the x2 speed button & now it dosnt work properly


ok probably some people would want to kill me after this but…
u r r8 somehow
based on this explanation its ok the fuel reduction

if u reduce fuel increase u have to increase leveling up rewards or there wont be anything interesting on get xp
a hightly active player is the kind of player u should try to help and keep, because we indeed love ur game, we dedicate our time to it, and also those players want the best x the game
a rarely active player dont care about what hapens to ur game dont even interested on being part of this community, so its kind of nonsense try to wipeout active players just by feel u dont get enought income
probably if u want to “balance” those insane players that dedicate time to ur game trying to have fun with ur GAME, because drop rates r awful, u should add a way to increase the fuel cap with tokens, for those crazy people that like to grind the same lvl just to get upgrade power because the pvp experience is less rewarding

Now, u need to win with this game
heres when im at ur side i understand that u try to find a way to make everything on game make us feel we should pay to get fun or wait till u make another "reload"
and thats ok
but here u lose me again
if u pay u dont get anything valuable x sure, u got the same drop %, u just get more oportunities to get something u want getting more tokens
but actually nothing ensure our money would worth on game experience
thats why i remain as f2p, i would like to spend money on u, because this game have a great potential is one of the few mech games that allow players to build mechs as they “want”, but ur focusing on wrong directions
instead of making a hard but viable farming system ur killing it

Autopilot is great? yes, but it doesnt bring more fun to game
how u would think that? ur promoting lazy people, lazy people dont work they dont have money to spend on ur game
it could be usefull for farming? yes, it is usefull actually? not really, is the same thing except u dont click/tap, and sometimes it takes even longer than doing it manually
it could be a great adition x bussy people, but proving server can use my mech dont bring me any benefits if i have to be online and watch it


I am getting much less goods in the new system because I lost 20 Fuel… :fearful:
And I’m really sorry about the active players who lost more than me.


I was in this update(tester) but when i tested there was no fuel reduce,u speak even if u don’t know GJ


Please, Give Us More FUEL !!!
Please, Give Us More FUEL !!!
Please, Give Us More FUEL !!!


This is an outstanding update. Love you, Tacticsoft


This topic should be locked it is a dead horse.


dead skunk

as the smell of the updates can not be removed