Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Like 33.33 % more. :open_mouth:
Im off by .1%


We need to calculate the 120 fuel for 20 tokens before, now 67 fuel for 30 tokens also + if the time refill changed also, what I read somewhere, but I am not sure about if it changed also.


Before 120 fuel for 20 tokens :

1 fuel costed 0.16667 tokens

Now 67 fuel for 30 tokens :

1 fuel costs 0.44776 tokens

IF the time-refill didn’t changed the costs of the fuel increasesd by …

+168.65 %

… the 0.16667 were 100% costs before, the 0.44776 costs now are 268.65% costs compared to old costs.

WHY always so extreme changes tacticsoft :question:

Do you know that also low numbers exist :question:

Why not to increase the costs for fuel only with +25% or +30% or +40% :question:


Yes I just did token cost for refill because level effects max fuel. At max level you are basically buying fuel for 33% more tokens and you get 50% less fuel at 120.

Oh I get what you are trying to do well you got 100% more fuel for 33% less tokens before the update.
@killymachine do the math for me please you are pretty good at this stuff.
@Mordulec is good at this stuff too.


Do you realize what I told you months ago? =) I told you it was going to happen to you “new” top players.


I did edit my post with the math, I hope I am right, everybody feel free to correct my math, if it is wrong :grey_exclamation:



And they even dont know that this is an endless story …

  • tacticsoft even didn’t start yet to bring new items, which will make all full fused “old” stuff again worthless


  • before SM reloaded you could at least boost (fuse) your “old” full fused item into the new one, losing “only” the mythical, but being able to transport the full fusing to the new item

THAT is now also gone …

  • in new SM reloaded all your work and boost will be gone again and again (at least to a very high %)



This does not affect us “new” top players in the least it affects you old players that have a lot of fuel.
What’s bad about it is this makes it hard for others to catch up to the “new” top players.
it is like every update they do effects F2P or Old players or light spending players but the top players are still just as strong… But that is a problem too we have no one to fight…


@ToxicDoll, I think @ReiMuBots ment the always being nerfed everything again and again and again and it will affect all of us :grey_exclamation:

See my last post, think about … all (most not all) of your best stuff now, will be again worthless in a few months.

See my last post about :wink: :exclamation:



Oh I missed it sorry.


prime example of one of those “can i get a hug?” type of people.


very good idea autopilot thanks


To be fair to the devs @Mohadib

the Auto-Pilot works pretty fine with the right Mech :

  • won several times BigBoy on Insane level with the Auto Pilot

… so I like the Auto Pilot :exclamation:

BUT the +168% more costs for fuel has to be reduced again :grey_exclamation:



Absolutely love the new autopilot feature!

I was going to recommend it to the Tactisoft team but seems like you guys already had the great idea


Great update!

you can multitask now XD

and saves time for people who don’t want the repition of most campaigning


The truth is not so bad!

The problem is fuel, it is very little.
I always finished it, and I expected it to regenerate.

The autopilot, for a physical mech like mine, gives good results.

Campaña automatica SM v10.1

I hope you like the video, greetings.


Sas is a little bit dead now maybe less then 80 players in the chat even but not completely dead yet. [quote=“ToxicDoll, post:256, topic:8697, full:true”]

OMG haha me too I love tower defense games!!!

I played a little bit of bloons but not too much I have hours on SAS 4 though.


I already calculated this above;
See here:


why did they have to make the reward for pvp 20 fuel?..I like that they made it 3 not 6 but the reward is so dum in my opinion


ok honest and rational opinion

i think this isnt a needed feature
autopilot could be usefull x farming if it doesnt show the battle and just instakill oponents, those kind of features r used to repeat lvls not x clear new ones
i think the increased refuel cost is ok, but the highter cap should be at least 100 considering BB insane fuel consumption, or just wipeout fuel and make autopilot cost tokens but as i said be faster

I think the best thing is the x2 speed button, it can be used on manual game and autopilot, it really improves how battles feel
so even if autopilot is removed this button should be keeped


Yep, you did it with Ahmad when i was in Trolls Fast…
and after in the clan chat : “OMG!! Toxic let me win!!! Toxic let me win!!!”