Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Oh you said hi to me I thought I was invisible.
Nevermind about the statement

Yep ur right she mentioned about 8 people and I wanted to be in it :disappointed_relieved:


Well here’s my opinion about the update if anyone is interested…


This is my old kong account it was also named Toxic in the high scores though I was Michelle00d00
So yeah they could actually do that and take all your items and make you get all new ones lol. I really wish I could get my push and bully off of it ><

As you can see it is unplayable.

This is me on the Kongregate server


I use to play a game on kongregate called SAS 4,
Your level 7 I’m level 4


I was a lot higher lol but after the update my old stuff can’t compete with people on it.
I played it for a few months before I came here.

This account (my account was much better than my kong one but unfortunately I never bothered to take screenshots of it never realized how paranoid this community is. I had over 2k legacy items on this one my supermechs server account when the update to reloaded happened.


OMG i forgot all about that game!!




  • “reduced cap for mid to high player” - spenders are hammered again, you just warm up and you have to spend to refill -> result will be opposite: players will not stay around in game, because for 70 fuel you are not getting nearly enough fusion items to stay motivated - for 300+ fuel you can gain something for fusion. BUT now 300+ fuel is insanely pricey… -
  • “to reduce abuse of auto-pilot” feature - ROFL - cut the energy by 40% and increase price by 40% - and its gonna sell like crazy ;DD hilarious –

WHY do you need players at all TS ? Just simulate players, activity, economy… for advertising purposes… you know… make baloon …


My little brother loved to play SAS, its part of ninjakiwi :grey_exclamation:
I played bloons a lot, I liked the monkeys, special the SuperMonkey :exclamation:



OMG haha me too I love tower defense games!!!


My strategy was always, defense all for sure, until you can effort the SuperMonkey, and that as fast as possible …

it worked pretty fine, was always Top10, thought short time to go for first, BUT since the battles lasted sometimes 4 - 5 hours, I gave up on that, cos my real life sport was/is more important :exclamation:

Funny sidenote, my old PC was dead in some of this 4 -5 hours battles, so I got a brand new one, which made me close to unbeatable in these long hours battles :grey_exclamation:


Could you guys talk about this in PM?


I think the devs got it, that something is wrong with this update, if they still didn’t, they will see it the next days … game will die even faster.

Thats why I made this great list above …
please read it, and give a honest oppinion about please, without joking around (or trying to mock, you know what I mean :wink: ) :exclamation:


I’ve read the list and I agree with most of it. But because you’ve made your point earlier it doesn’t mean you can talk about everything you want that doesn’t even close to the topic.


Well, since Armageddon has broken out…

Post here please.


the biggest problem with the auto pilot is it wastes more time/fuel running around. I did 5(easy,hard,insane)or 15 battles started at 57 and 30 min later down to 3. Quit for a couple hrs to let it build back up, cause i’m not blowin 30 tokens for a refill, that’s… dont wanna leave to many 4 letter word comments:grin::laughing::open_mouth:


send me some tokens



I would think the devs would be happy we’re not talking about the update LOL


Yeah and they probably regret that they made this topic.


I just won with Auto Pilot …

  • against BigBoy Hard

  • against BigBoy Insane

… I like the Auto Pilot :exclamation:

But the cut of the fuel AND increase the costs for … that much is an other story …

@MrOneTwo can I “use” you math skills …

  • from 120 to 67 fuel

  • from 20 tokens to 30 tokens costs

  • did the time-refill also decrease :question:

How much all togehter (%) cost fuel now more @MrOneTwo :question:


If they just introduced the AI auto play and left people’s fuel alone, it would of been much much better for them. But no matter how many times they say it don’t affect players taking half of peoples fuel = half your normal drops for a full load of fuel. So in the end I would hope they felt bad about doing that not posting about it… But if they did not post about this I am pretty sure people would of made their own topics about it…