Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Have you thought about changing your torso to maybe a brutality? that would free up those heat modules for energy and give you more HP.


Yes brutality is for me the BEST torso of the game


@BenitoBathsalts & @romain8787 you are both very strong top 100s easily if you guys got more matches you would be top 100 or higher.


Yes i have brut and avenger in the garage (to start my phys) - and was just about to start after I mythed another energy engine so i could get rid of one leg engine and add a resistance… but somebody stole my fuel…


For an energy I love Grim but only with plat plate the HP is very low without them.


I hope they bring it back.


Im actually top 62


How many matches have you fought this week?
Actually i think i’m low enough now to find you on high scores…


you are just before me


Noob @El_Metre hahahahaahahahaha




@ToxicDoll I tell you now something I told very few players in this game and I will make it public because you are so so so right with your statements …

but first need to say 2 things …

… so I will never care again what he says :grey_exclamation:

  • @Wepwawet is just a frustrated old woman, because she is not able to win a Single Gold Medal, thats why she attacked all and everything in her near, BUT always saying she is innocent and pointing to others

… so I will also never care again about what she says :grey_exclamation:

And now the important thing …

You @ToxicDoll are one of these players I really enjoyed/enjoy to meet in this game :hearts:

  • Lubo (Valibuks, Butchkrab, spula) was also one of them, he stopped playing years go

  • Noel (Old Exit, bestplayerintheworld, Supergirl) was also one of them, he stopped playing months ago

  • Fluffeh was/is also one of them, she is sometimes around

… a few still play like @ShadowOfDeath, @ReiMuBots, @HappyPoppers, @Rising etc. (sorry if I do not mention your name here, BUT I am sure you know that I like you also) :exclamation:

You @ToxicDoll are a great, amazing, lovely, very warm-heartly and beauty player, and to top all this, you are also intelligent :exclamation:

Let them talk whatever nonsense they want, you will always have a place in my heart :grey_exclamation:



Really good you’re doing well you both are.


Aww, you know I think the world of you too you have never said a cross word to me and have always been nice to me. Thank you :heartpulse:


What about me @bestplayerintheworld can I get a statement ? :wink:


Hi @Dwightx :grey_exclamation:

Statement about what :question:


So if we don’t use an item/mission, you will quit it since it is just a “visual feature”? (you will quit all those unused weapons, torsos, legs, etc. etc. and all the others missions other than Ramboy, Bigboy and maybe the mission 6 of the Overlord’s Den, isn’t it?)


Guess he want to be mentioned in your appreciation list :sweat_smile:


They actually did this a few months ago when they changed the game to reloaded and made almost every old item in the game pointless. :grinning:


Well, money easy. :sunglasses: