Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Oh I’m a really really good alt this is my better half she’s at class and we are chatting on skype. when I do an alt I go all out huh @El_Metre. Notice whose arms she’s in…


To prove I don’t care… They say they don’t care about rank and being the best, but I doubt they would prove it.
And call me a liar and say i’m out for myself when I say I don’t give a crap about being good so I prove it…
I hate having my character and my morals questioned…


Still waiting for a 4th match and i’m in the low 60s now…


@ToxicDoll is a really nice person unlike sooooo many others



of course I need to wait 5 min too in order to find a match but I watch video during that time


You used to be able to get a match with an = player in a few seconds. But once they reset everyone and we all started over a lot of players quit and more and more quit everyday… It should be getting better with time people should be getting stronger and filling the top ranks with powerful mechs but they aren’t and it gets worse every day… the reason its not working is because it’s so hard to even get any good items much less premium items, even if you throw money at the game it’s still really hard because a lot of premium boxes hold crap… i am one of the lucky few and i’m lonely…

And just so all my detractors know I have every premium item I want I can make 3 mechs with nothing but premiums if I wanted… So it’s not for me I want others to be strong so I can play again… i used to do a 1000 matches a week now I may do 30…

If i wanted to and cared half as much as people think i do about winning I could have 3 mechs as strong as risings…
Go ahead @El_Metre count my bunker shells and my snipers and my ash creators and all my other crap… If I cared about rank by god I would have it… And if this is an alt my main must be incredible lmao…


I think the only way to get good item is to farm campaign every day and pray to get fortune box with legendary and with good items but buy box is totally useless because you NEVER got legendary.


I am more upset that it hurts the players that have the best chance to catch up all the old super mech tops. they have the high rank for fuel, they have legacy items to feed new ones but they need gold and new items and space to put them in…


I have been playing for 3.5 months my energy mech has plateaued (100% FTP) R1 every week. Was about to starting on my phys. now …i am not even gonna bother.


It is very nice. I have fought you a couple times your very strong.


ty and short of platinum or max prot - that’s where this mech will be :disappointed:


How are you on other premium modules like storage units? Remember some things dont need to be 100% maxed some things it’s better to near max them because the fusion energy would just be wasted for what you get.


3 myth heat engines - 1 myth 2 leg energy engines 2 iron plates - (10 heat engines in the bank 5 energy) lol


Never seen that in the wild


Storage units are as rare as plat plate. They come in energy and heat both give the same numbers.


I really need Legendary mythical module because I need more heat and Energy


Well thanks a lot - now another thing i will dream about XD



Your heat and energy are above average.


Wow very strong for F2P