Major Update - Auto Pilot!


[quote=“Mohadib, post:177, topic:8697”]
… the majority of players …[/quote]

  • We are not the majority :grey_exclamation:

  • We are just “paying real money players” or “spending hours of time for your game players”, but also “something” you dont need to care about, because we are not the majority

Yes … care about the majority and cut and “piss of” all others …

WAIT … aren’t WE ALL a part of the majority :question:

  • a part of YOUR game

  • maybe we are the majority, who would know what would make the game GREAT again :exclamation: :question:

just M A Y B E …




So just checking… You think cutting the fuel for free players and the old players that have years on the game and had high fuel from high level but crap mechs now because of the update. Somehow losing half their fuel cap and having to pay more to refill is good for them? it makes them catch up to the strong players? That’s what bugs me about this I lose or gain nothing from this update I have everything I want. I could give a rats ass about it one way or the other for myself, but I am friends with a lot of players that grind every day and it is how they improve and losing half their energy is a big hit to them.

Instead of lecturing us like your a super groovy adult why don’t you explain how this helps them? explain how getting half the drops they did helps them? Because I just can’t see it. I have not seen anyone commenting really for themselves most of the most verbal commenters already have super powered mechs we are mad because this hurts F2P and Light spenders than grind to improve… It really affects us with full mythic mechs very little but I would like others to catch up to me… I don’t enjoy 15 min waits for matches and why not be passionate about this game and wanting it to be better? You used to constantly rant about it… No one really cares about the autoplay if they love it great if they don’t oh well it’s just a silly function… People are mad about the fuel… If they introduced just the AI autoplay with no nerfs none of this would of happened…


I do not agree.
Works well at setting under the type and complexity of the passage.
For fun, burned a lot of fuel wasted but tested for understanding of failed playthroughs.
My advice is to leave only the weapon damage and remove the teleporters and grappling hooks - often used unwisely.
I repeat - it is necessary to adjust to eliminate the possibility of empty moves, expose and unpredictable cooling.
And I talking about Insan BB.
And control is necessary - a full-fledged player autopilot of course not be.


@11_11 i tired that it does work better but it stands and uses ash creators point blank while they use 0 energy weapons the Ai is only good for missions you can easily beat. Because it is a very very poor player.


@Mohadib you said that^

How to get these “extra” tokens? a simple question from @ShadowOfDeath - answer it.

Autopilot is good, thanks for it. Releasing it at the same time as increasing price of refill and taking away too much fuel from a lot of loyal players is not good. Balance the update and do it swiftly.


Yes, allow senseless moves and occupies a disadvantageous position. Exactly like the minions - the logic is very similar. 14 fuel for it to look like he teleports to the distance of the 2 shot shotgun is a joke, not the words of Marie Antoinette, then all was seriously.


I don’t really care about the auto play… I don’t think any of us do. but we are seeing it as a cloak to cut people’s fuel and raise the price of the refill, that is the problem I have with this update. the AI is neither here nor there for me. It was kind of a waste though, I would rather of seen the update where they threw the money into fixing the hacking problem but whatever… Its here its a silly function some like some don’t. But this outrage is about the fuel and cost of fuel and cutting the daily fights from 5 to 3 that also hurts people’s gold so yeah I don’t get that… I don’t need the gold or the fuel for that matter, so it’s great for me, but I can see how it hurts players that do…


First of all… you are just an alt account.
A tool so that you can save the face of your main.
Second of all read my 5th and 6th point befor you come at me…
Please refrain yourself from nameing me groovy or other such, if tou could actualy understamd what i wrote you would get my point of view.
The ones that you want to catch up to you… are mile away… and that is how you really want them to be… if you would want them to catch up to you you would help them out… yet you dont.
Like i sugested, and i repeat myself:

  1. Keep the energy lvls as they were(120+ energy)
    2.make the function of auto pilot cost 20-30% more energy to use.
  2. Keep the 30 tokens for refil, but quarentee a box on the runs made on boss campaign.
  3. Improve the game, with new content, events, sales.
  4. Nerf the cancer build of valiant sniper abusers.Just make it cost 51 energy to use(@ToxicDoll dont say you dont care when you actualy care about it).
    It is becoming a global game, it is not about just the big spenders, think about others( 100 players spending 10 dollars/day on special ofders are worth more the 10 top players spending 100 dollars/on sales events)
    Learn the ropes of buissiness.
    Learn to enjoy what you have and what you can have, it is a game… not life.


tacticsoft do you think maybe I should publish all the correspondence and the video that I did for you, in which I clearly showed the bug with resetting the level?
So better if you closed the bug with the reset level and banned all those who undermined the economy of the game!!!
A little more and I will put this video on the Internet and then nobody will buy your tokens!!!


Oh am I? So who am I today huh? This is why I dislike you.

I did read them and both were alredy said if you read the threads you would of seen no one gave a crap about the AI it was the fuel that was the problem but you decide to lecture us all about being adults and shit then you go oh by the way yeah that idea everyone above me had about putting the fuel back yeah that’s good.

This update helps people grind easy missions they still are sitting in front of the comp and it still takes almost as long as it did before it just saves you a few clicks… It is not a game changer… But the fuel is.


do you really think i’m in this game still thinking about ranki?? Do you??
This is how much I care about being a top player…
Since you and your cohort also don’t care about rank why don’t you make some people happy and give them stars like me.

Well i cant get a fn match because this game sucks but I will quit down till i’m in the 100s

Prove how you care about them

Im ranked in the 40s now and i still cant get a match… 2 1v1 matches in 10 min and you don’t see a problem?..

They need to stop trying to get all the money they can and start letting people get at least non premium mythics easer…

Still waiting for a 3rd match …


Maybe no one can get matches fast now because people are playing other better games? You know… the ones that are actually fun to play and isn’t a chore.

And probably the ones made by developers that care about their game and want to see it both succeed in a business sense and also provide entertainment to all their players. :slight_smile:


I have a very important information for TacticSoft:

If you want to shut down the game you can simply ban all players based on the terms of service that were last updated on March 18, 2013:

8 Supermechs Rules: Supermechs is a tactical turn based game. Your goal is to ultimately become the best Mech and to defeat the other Mechs. In order to do so, you shall fight both computer based Mechs and other Mechs in multiplayer mode.

8.5 Eligibility: You may play Supermechs with Your User Account in and have one mech. You may not create and manage more than one One Mech throught Supermechs, even with multiple User Accounts.

Read position 8.5 and notice that only ONE MECH per player is allowed by the terms of service.
So to shut down the game you can simply ban every single player for using the feature to build up to 3 mechs in a single account in their workshop.

Isn’t that fantastic?
You do not need to come up with any further ideas for “updates” from now on!

Source terms of service from TacticSoft found here:
or here:


This!!! :boom: :boom:


Very good statement :exclamation:

Let me make that list nearly complete …
(with only 100% facts)

  • items limit (still no promised long term solution)

  • many accounts totally broken because of this items limit

  • very bad drop rate for Rare and Legendary items after a lot of nerfs

  • very bad % chances buying Premium Pack boxes with tokens / real money

  • hidiing all this % chances

  • hiding all this % changes (!)

  • matchmaking (10 - 20 minutes waiting time for 1 fight)

  • having this matchmaking issue AGAIN after we had it once in the past with same rank lowering every week, devs do the same mistake again

  • legancy items not available for all players

  • very rare communication in forum, pm AND support with us players

  • throwing out of the chat DURING writing (only chat in the internet that does that)

  • banning known cheaters (a lot of players have 10 - 20 best items, WITHOUT paying 1 cent for it. nor spending days of grinding for it)

  • maybe like @Alexander do it in BattleDawn, LISTEN to the long-time players with a lot of knowledge about YOUR own game, and fix some of the points we are taking about since MONTHS

  • quitting system

  • ranking single players

  • ranking clans

  • weekly tournament rewards

@Sarah247 and @Mohadib please FIX (and not “balance”) some (just some) of these 16 points (issues) and you will have NO need to be SURPRIZED about our reactions, if you bring again and again and again “visual” updates or updates where the MAJORITY didn’t ask for :exclamation:

WE all LOVE :hearts: SuperMechs, BUT you really need to start to listen to your non majority players :grey_exclamation:



Better games don’t exist, they’re just visual bug.


Thank you @bestplayerintheworld
Pilot MonsterSirSin


Finally got a match with a friggin rank 3 I bet he was happy when i quit…

i do not think you have ever read a single post I made in this forum yes I don’t want my fav type of mech to be crap like it was in the incarnation of this game before this one BUT I would love it if everyone was as strong as me at least I could get a match!!! And as for being an alt to save face there is no shame in my game I fight for what I believe in…


Well, if the analogy with fishing is to watch the bot and hooking on pause so before it wrong doing. Limit for fuel deprives the players of boxes, but there are other advantages, and somewhere up there I hinted that it was time to spend time on a Christmas tree :christmas_tree: and not on the semi-diurnal red-eyed farm.

If not for the nerf fuel, I’d be delighted. Although do not be upset. :smoking:




@ToxicDoll why you leave all the match like that ?