Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Pilots Rejoice!

Today we rolled out a major update - Auto Pilot.

This feature allows your mech to auto-play the campaign missions!

We have tested the feature internally and open it to selected community members about 10 days ago. These tests allowed us to find and fix bugs, as well as provide data for balancing changes.

The version you are now playing has the following changes:

  • Auto Pilot!
  • Fuel Balancing: Fuel cap was reduced for mid/high levels. We found the caps were too high and players almost never used all of it. To make the fuel count, as well as making fuel rewards meaningful, we have reduced the caps for mid to high level players.
  • Fuel Boost (“Refill”) price was changed from 20 to 30 tokens, to reduce abuse of the auto-pilot feature.
  • Playing PvP can give a Fuel charge - The PvP battles daily quest was changed from 5 wins to 3 wins and now provides 20 Fuel reward.

In the coming days we will monitor the game closely to see how players with Auto Pilot and will make adjustments as needed.

As always please leave your feedback below.

Enjoy your new Auto-Pilot and have fun!



Hello! It is Great, the 2X speed is fantastic too.

I used my fuel all the time. Just hit lvl 50, and now I see it dropped 20 points :frowning:

This is too much! Loosing around daily 5-10 boxes minimum. That is 150 - 300 Chests in 1 month.

Not good, and Autoplay can lose easy so if I use it I lose more Boxes.

Please restore Fuel number, I “worked” / I played / gave my time for it !!!

Thank You!


It automatically uses a repair for any damage… It does not play energy types right it puts up drone instead of firing the best draining weapon first.
Make it use a repair when you only have half hp left or something. Or maybe let us turn off auto use pickups…


It supposed to be worse than an avarage player. So you wouln’t use it all the time… not against the strongest missions. And it uses the hp kit when your hp is under 70%… there were many suggestions to reduce it to 50% but of course they didnt listen.


No it don’t play an easy mission where you get hit for like 30 and see if it don’t use a repair.
I have almost 2000 HP and it just used one for 50 damage 50 damage is not 30% of 2000


Before the mission’s “boss” uses all the kits. At least thats what I noticed.


Yep that’s what it is thanks. Still think being able to turn off the auto use pick ups but still using auto combat and move would be a good idea. That way players could manually do pick ups and let the mech fight on its own.


So what? Because some players weren’t interested in your game (campaign) enough you punish the entire community?


If you could make a platform / like an Options board / where we could customize auto play.
That would be perfect. The game is about customizing anyway :wink:

Thank You!


I just realised that those two mechs in the picture were familiar. The yellow one is littlelost’s mech and the right one is a picture of mine from the previous era. Im finally famous.


Item drops seem unchanged. But with less energy you will have less drops overall. The autopilot is worthless on insane BB it wastes all your recovers and you die. also all the mechs on BB are now geared to beat energy types so that’s kind of interesting. Kind of like a weaker scope portal.
Overall this helps people that spam the level 1 boss (though they will get less drops you know less energy) and not players that play insane BB…
And because it picks up everything on lvl 1 boss it takes about the same amount of time as manual even on 2x… I guess this update makes it easier to watch tv or read while you do easy missions… Did energy recovery time go down or is it the same?
Having a massive amount of energy is the only reason I can see to have a feature like this, believe it or not i can do 60 energy in a few min manualy. You should’ve just cut people’s energy and say you did it because no one was using it, then you could’ve raised even more profit by not having to write the code for the crap AI and make the flash buttons etc.
Because basically that is what you said we took the energy because people don’t use it and here is a way to easily use energy while you watch tv and do easy missions… Have you guys ever thought about doing polls for future updates and see if people would want them? That would raise profits even more…

So really all this update did was cut our energy in half and make us not have to click the buggy and 2 mechs on level 1 boss because guess what? I never clicked the pick ups or destroyed the buildings and I can “perfect” all 3 on manual in insane and it took like 20 seconds or less.

This just feels like an excuse to cut our energy and cut drops.

I guess my touchpad will last longer because I won’t have to click on them… Thanks?


You just killing this game… realy what are you thinking…? you redusce tank cap almost to half, you change refill to cost 50% more and the reason is you find tank cap too high that players dont use all of it… i always used all of it…i think a lot of players used all of it… also the way you excuse this new nerf is like you think you deal with idiots…just tell us you want our money & not players who give time in this game to grind…i play arround 6 weeks this game and i feel i shouldnt even start it…seems like a period you killing this game…less fuel less rewards…too many reward nerfs for so short period… :frowning:


During the test I also notice that, during the second pass and switched to manual control. That is the meaning of automation is somewhat lost. But it is critical when risk levels.
I’ll try to test different types.
But in General… a Preliminary conclusion: the appearance of comfort, need for control, an impression of some of the excess ease. Of negativity - of course the reduction of fuel supply.
Personally, I’m struggling with boredom running around on various missions, now fuel is not enough - just straight farming.


woah woah, again and agian are u said that fuel cap to high and never been used for almost mid-end players? WAT DA FAT (FAK) IM LAUGHING HARD! This is the reason im grinding insane mode (ramboy and bigboy) with 124 of FUEL (im on lvl 134 now). Comeone you are already nerfed drop chance of the boxes, drop of mix boxes (no more legendaries) and now you doing it (again). Haha sounds bad for F2P players, i bet in few weeks/month many players will be quitting this game bcz of that haha. OK guys i was tought for quitting this game before and now i have realized that for quit quickly as i can. Ill try to stand in few more days before completely stop. see ya

pilot : R.I.C.O


The reason is that someone wants to withdraw the tokens of the players. Well, rather to stimulate the purchase of new token due to the use of old stocks :sunglasses:


not bad as idea but +1 refill for 30 tokens bad idea better change in SM


Another bad thing in AutoPlay

It only starts 1 stage. So you have to be there, or it dose not autoplay…

If you took out Fuel, at least you can make an option to replay the selected stage auto.

And please make option that we can customize the autoplay. (liek when to use package, what round to use drone)

Thank you!


Exactly, with a lot of grinding missions, plus daily rewards (circa 25-30k gold), I somehow managed to strike the balance between spending on fusion and earning. Generally, my gold coins balance stayed in the area of 1 M, no matter what I did. Now it is a plain nerf, and pretty soon ALL OF US WILL BE STUCK WITH NO GOLD. You believed too many items was a problem? Wait and see what happens now…


Im tired of fighting about this game, im over it… nerf away, dis the F2P idc… I come across as hostile because I like this game and I hate when it is unfair… I want game ballance i want matches that don’t take 20 min to get… I don’t want another cash grab… or to wake up and see everything i’ve invested time and money in turns to crap…
Im sick of it…