Magnification of the weights

After level 30 you should be able to increase the weight by 500 kg for 100 tokens

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Just no.


Czemu niby nie???

Weight limit should be 0kg so we can’t use anything.
(apart from shiro hackers)



20 character limit

And now zark calls me wolf guy from forums when it ( idk if she or he) sees me in game…

it should be lvl 100 reach lvl 30 its easy it took like 2 weeks per much if you play at least 15 min daily

There Is No Need To Increase The Weight Limit :slight_smile:

Still Mediocre Players don’t understand

If they increased the weight limit you’ll lose more as there are plenty of spenders who got more dangerous Myths than you . Increasing weight limit won’t be helpful unless you’re a heavy spender

If I see 1 more stupid player asking for Increasing weight limit I will kill that player

InCrEaSe ThE wEiGhT lImIt PlS

Terrible lol

Very Good
Your Soul’s in bottle