Magma Piercing Shotgun


The information about the ‘‘Magma Piercing Shotgun’’ says it has range 1-3, but it only has range 2-3. You can also see it’s called the Magma Peircing Shotgun. I can’t upload 2 images, because I’m new in the forum, so I can’t let you see the range in game.


I can confirm that the range of that shotgun is 2-3, not 1-3. I don’t have a picture though.


Some weapons also applied by this bug too :confused:


I’ve just checked the mythical item list in-game, the shotgun’s range is 2-3. The name is still Magma Peircing Shotgun.


Many of the names are spelled wrong
For eg.
Rhino Boots spelled as Rino Boots
Yellow Angel spelled as Yello Angel


Angle or Angel?


I prefer Imps :smiling_imp:

A little Math got there


Yes MANY of the weapons have false ranges which sux when choosing a weapon combo to battle with along with missing extra damage info (Cool down or MAX Heat range damage etc) in the workshop on the big Mythical weapons.
The old hover over an item popup like the one in the Mythicals page used to include most info.