Magma piercing shotgun + Piercing shotgun Mark II (Mythicals) refuses to work in PVP

Hi all.

I’m experiencing a weird bug where my shotguns will not fire in PvP. They work just fine against AI bots (campaign).

I have tried re-arranging them, put them on other bots, nothing works. They will just not fire in PvP. I have enough energy to fire, so it’s not that. The button is also lit up, and everything indicates its ready to fire, but nothing happens when i click the button.

I don’t know what else i could be doing wrong. Any insights into this is greatly appreciated!

Do you have bullets in your mech?

I heard there’s a problem where legacy items still uses ammunition, even though it doesn’t show it anymore.

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I do not have bullets in my mech, I took them out to save weight as the weapons indicated they use energy and heat to fire. Also don’t have any bullet modules left as no weapon indicate they need them anymore. So it’s a bug on their part? Hoping it will get fixed soon. Thank you for your reply!

@Sarah247 Is this a bug you guys know of?

The indicators don’t matter as the weapons themselves still require their ammo be it bullets or rockets if you’re using LEGACY weapons.

I wish the LEGACY weapons didn’t require ammo anymore then I could use my electric bot killers Metal Shredder Mark II or the Devastation Swarm Mark II they don’t need any electric to fire only rockets.

Electric bots tend to nullify most if not all weapons unless you’re lucky enough to find weapons that don’t require electric in the NEW Supermech weapon cache.

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So you are saying it is not a bug, it’s a feature? Then we still need the indicators back saying it needs ammo modules to be installed. I just don’t understand why they changed the description of what they required to fire, in the first place.

Thanks for the tip, i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Glad to help.
They removed it because they expected us to convert ALL of our legacy items over to the new weapons so we wouldn’t need ammo. We are basically starting a new game from scratch even though we have leftovers on the plate :slight_smile:

So you are saying they are aware of it, and my 3 mythical shotguns are basically useless in pvp… I was so stoked when i got them, they have always been a part of my bot. I’m gonna keep them regardless, just in case. But this, this just made me sad.

I too will be keeping many of my LEGACY stuff until a new equal or better replacement comes along. Some of my weapons I use constant on my new bot I didn’t get a chance to fully upgrade which sux.
Especially when some of these new bots have 2500 to 3000 Hit Points and use minimum 300 to 700 hit point weapons.