Mafia Vs Town Sign Ups

Well Guys Im testing a Mafia Vs Town Game and if it works ,Alex will get a mod to do one with rewards too,So if you plan on entering this is a nice play to learn and get some practice
Here are the rules

So since we have less traffic,we will have very less roles

Well sign up is open for 10 hours,
Then we begin
Here is list,Just say im in,dont post unnecesary and i will send pm to yall

Town: Town has to get mafia lynched
Doctor (Heals at night,Self Heal only once)
Prostitute (Role block at night)
Sheriff(Role block and he knows the players role)
Baby Sheep(He asks the God a question and God is forced to answer everyday,cant ask for roles)
Retributionist(New Role,I tweaked it ,Bring one person back to life in exchange for your life)

Mafia: The Mafia Know Each other
Mafia Boss(Kill at Night)
Mafia Spy(Can know one role ,one night,and next night tell the boss through me,its supposed to be changed but since i dont have powers this is how we do it)
Normal maf(Can talk to maf,but since no mod powers,just know other maf identity,i could use skype but foul play may occur)
BlackMailor:(The blackmailed person is not allowed to talk or lynch next day,No one knows if a person is actually blackmailed or he is afking.)

So People with night abilities,pm me the host and next day i pm everyone what happened to them
And like a story tell events of the night.

Sign me up, hopefully you get more people to play. I didn’t see this thread I only saw your other thread lol

lol yea,no one registered,and here i had a lot of hopes :smiley:
Guess l wait another few hours,other wise this will be a fail

Give it a few days, a week. You’ll get people.

Yea guess ill wait :smiley:

can i sign up?? i want to play too

Yea Its a sign up aftter all :smiley:

Also, a suggestion. Since it is a new forum and lots of new faces popping in, keep the rules more simplistic. The reason so many additional roles were added in was so there weren’t as many people sitting idle. But, with more rules and roles, the explanation for how to play the game is also extended. For the 1st round, I’d say keep it more simplistic until you get a more stable gathering of players doing this :slight_smile:
So, like:
Doctor - 1
Mafia- 2

Just being a townsfolk keeps you fairly active as you try to hunt down the mafia through discussion. Keep mafia small, so it’s hard to find/catch one. Making too many mafia means being one doesn’t feel as special.

Once you get a good gathering of people playing on a constant basis and wanting more things to keep themselves occupied, then introduce additional roles. Also, remember, this is a forum with people ALL over the world. You may want to give larger time frames. Like, a week for sign ups; 12 hours for mafia to decide who to kill (if only 1 shows up, then he decides); a day for townsfolk to discuss and choose to lynch someone.

Food for thought :slight_smile:

This makes sense :slight_smile:

I would really vouch for copying WKRH – it was so much fun and doesnt need rewards to be fun either!

I’d honestly play this. I played ToS (not sure if I can actually mention the name) a bit and it’s fun to pass the time.


Yea ,LOL i play too and once i posted link on the forums so others could play too,But Ads removed it

Well this one wont be working :frowning:
We dont have enough players,And I cant Host After Sunday
But since few people signed up, If Anyone Is UP for hosting,and we get enough players (you could minimize some like Malice said) ,ill tell him how to and play the game

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