Made some changes to my mech and I was able to finely barely beat Hamza

those have always been like that, so make the apology.
Next time you insult somebody, be damn sure about what you say, befor you crack open your mouth and call others liars, kid.

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Your 1v1 build has 600 energy ill get a shot of it, you will mess up and 1v1 someone, I wish i got it when you was letting wepawet test her physical on you, but you will… And I will not forget I have an excellent memory.


The replays aren’t always accurate regarding heat cap,energy cap, regen cap,cooldown… there sometimes show more or less of what is real.
Still awaiting that apology

LMAO… :joy: :joy: :joy:
If I liked you one little bit I would let it go on that, no one loses we both save face… But i don’t…


well to bad you are not my type… i like more stable girls.
But i feel sorry for you, that well “the grapes are sour…said the fox when she couldn’t reach them”


What is really funny is this is you losing badly to a 0 energy heater and your going to still say they haven’t nerfed energy enough.

Ewww :fearful: :mask:


wonder who won in the end?
A fully fused 0 energy heater, with myth plates, and protector…that is one good build Earth has…and he had a really good start too, and good rolls on the shotgun and magma blast… 300-400 dmg.


Same HP as you and all your other stats are better too.

At the top of this thread I beat a fully fused mythic plate 2000 HP 0 energy physical and I only had 1600 HP and you call me a bad player…

Here let me remind you

Explain to me how this is a bad start for you.
Looks to me like you started out of range of him and his next move was to teleport behind you and raise drone. I would of been happy with that start if it was me.

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i will let you guess… prove the tactical mastermind you have and analise the fight…maybe you learn from it :wink:


I watched it he just owned you, you had problems draining him from the nerf and your weapons being energy don’t do much damage unless you can drain…
Which is kind of my point.
He almost won the 3v3 but your last mech is better than his.

The one thing I do not get about you @El_Metre is you are as disenchanted by this game as I. I threw money at it because I only played 11months and only started spending money on it for about 5 of those 11. I won’t spend a dime on it now because I see what it is. But you throw money at it like an insane person. You are never top ranked and you still throw money at it. You have god knows how many fully fused items. Why do you spend money still?

Actualy no… he uses a energy counter mech, with high dmg output.
He can counter most energy mechs out there.
The start was bad cause i only had 2 squars behind me, and i couldnt put distance between me and him.
It was not about drain, it was about dmg output.
I won the 3v3 since my 2nd mech came out, and it managed to equal the 800 hp andvantage he had, and managed to use tactical movement against his last mech.

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He teleported to post the whole field was behind you.

Right here is your mistake
You did not back off you unloaded your push weapons on him to little effect.

Then he hit you with shot gun and you still did not back off you did corrupt light and a push weapon.

You made a lot of mistakes.
As a matter fact you did not back off the whole match you stayed in his range even though you had weapons that outdistance his and the whole field behind you. I guess that is pro strategy and i don’t get it.

Hope I was strategically minded enough to analyze your fight. I love how you always tell people how many mistakes they make in forums like your poop don’t stink.LMAO

If you search you made mistakes you get hit after hit of you telling people that like you’re some kind of guru

God you rub me the wrong way…


If besty and me were the same in the old forum as you guys… now I finally understand why the admins closed almost all of our topics.


I leave them alone, I do not respond to their posts. Even if I disagree, but if they respond to mine, telling me how dumb I am and how wrong I am. Then how I need to show them respect because im a bad player only good because my build, I will defend myself. If they would leave me alone and stop responding to my topics there would be no problem. I have IMed him that, I have told him that, but no. He keeps doing it, He did it on my very first post and has never stopped. Anything I post he has to put his 2 cents in it, It does not matter what I post. If I said I was having a bad day he would tell me why I am wrong.
It is no secret I despise him and his she cat.

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Lol chill out.

Who would have thought a simple turn-based game could create so much animosity?

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congratulations…you made it… you found a match in witch i made tactical mystakes…my god…you were so right after all…nope.
Did i recover the mystakes? yes… did i win…yes.
Can i analyse builds…yes.
Do i do them… ofcourse.
Did i pretend to be a guru of somekind? Nope
Do i like to help others? yes.
so let me get this straight? i fight with unmaxed mechs, without OP premium wepons or modules, i still win…and your problem is what? that you don’t like me?
do i think the valiant sniper is OP, yes it is…
Do i think that phis builds are a bit underpowered, yes.
do i think that the myth hp and protector modules are OP, yes
Do i think there needs to be a phis drone that doesnt use energy… at a low dmg, and a high heat generation…yes
I think you do like me, that is why you chalange me…see that is basic female atraction, when a girl likes a boy, she chalanges him, and provokes him…its the way girls flirt…;), too bad i like women tho.

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It is not the game it is him. He always does this but never adds anything to the topic other than I am wrong. No reason why I am wrong etc. I use sniper every day he don’t even 1v1 and only fights 5 battles a day I was doing over a 1000 fights a week at one time. And he acts like I have 0 understanding of this game.They both do, they demand respect but give none.