Made some changes to my mech and I was able to finely barely beat Hamza

This is the build I used. Unfortunately I do not think it will do very well vs heaters or other energy mechs.

It was probably a lot of luck though. I believe energy types are now the weakest type VS equally fused heat & physical types. Lol, it dont bother me though I quit matches for people more than I actually lose :wink:. This game is a lot funner when you don’t care. :candy: :lollipop: :chocolate_bar:


#Yo same
It sucks how people can just shut you down with two heat beam thingies then keep doing it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…

And even if you zero out their energy, they can still wreck you with two desolations!

It’s kinda why I quit…

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I quit when my opponent say plz let me win. at ladder 6.


LOL he’s GREEN with Envy :laughing:

GOOD to see you back in action ToxicDoll :grinning:

There can be, Only ONE!!




I do not agree, except energy-free weapons, rare and limited

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Yeah thats what i do too @MAX if someone asks me to let them win I do. I have always felt bad knocking people down the ranks and worse when i hit them off 1 to 2 so now since I am not in a clan and don’t care about top 10 i can quit for people.

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Yep that is why only rising is still able to get onto top 10 and if he was a 1v1 player he would not be able to be top 10.
Right now only physicals and heats and rising are top 10. If you think Analitions are rare and limited then you have really bad luck. The powerful energy weapons are all rare and limited but people still complained about them.
Really i don’t care I don’t play to win now. But yeah they have nerfed energies out of being competitive and people are still complaining about them @Blex just posted about valiant snipers as an example. Well 2 maxed valiant snipers have little chance against someone with 350 energy and good regen with 2 maxed Analitions. @TinCan @Rising @vorgoth @Misfit and the other good energy pilots know too. One more good nerf session and energies will be totally useless.
Everyone misses the part where I say EQUALLY FUSED, you loose to me @11_11 because your mech is not fully maxed mythic like mine but you still get very close to beating me. If you had full maxed mythic the story would be different.


the thing that gets me, is they have 3+mythicals and hit points of 1500+, im not gonna quit cause then you lose the loss hp rewards, but ya gotta sit till the end. kind’a sad the matchup system. but oh well its a good day in Hell… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I quit because I dont care. People ask because they dont want to be knocked out of the top ranks if they are top 25 they dont want to be knocked down the ranks. Im usually around top 150 now so losing to me really hurts a top player.


I right now just turned lvl 49 and rebuilding after the smerf update, and it suks. i have a lot of maxed at the leg lvl weapons that are a fart in the wind… POOOOF :joy::laughing::confounded:


+1 to toxicdoll comments


@ToxicDoll - I probably exaggerated in my last post.

I totally get it that Valiant Sniper doesn’t do shit vs mechs with 500+ energy, or dual Annihilation physicals with 2100 HP.

However, I do feel like some of those items throw the balance off at lower levels. If a mech has almost nothing upgraded but a Windforge and a Valiant Sniper or a Bunker Shell, it’s pretty much game over for even better fused mechs if they haven’t hit 300 energy and decent regen yet.

That’s less so the case for other equipment and damage types. Heaters and physicals need a much more complete/adaptable mech to have the same effect.

I’ve just recently passed a big breakpoint here with my own mech. Whereas before it was impossible to compete with mechs that could drain 250 energy in a turn and knock back, now I’ve hit the threshold were most energy mechs are my easiest fights.

So long story short, I agree with you, but I think the balance is off outside of the top 100. Energy mechs need more tactical options and more good weapons to choose from.


no @Blex, you didin’t exagerated.
And al these post about valiant sniper are legit, it is the single most OP wepon out there.
I see alot of top 10 that pack them, along with ash generators.
Toxic complains so much, yet let us see the build, she use 2 valiant snipers, 2 ash generators, a buncker shell, all fully maxed, toghether with 2 myth hp plates, and a myth protector…really… that there is a perfect fully fused mech.
She says all good energy pilots out there, Rising, Vorgoth, Tin can, Misfit, all drive similar mechs, with myth hp plates, with valiant snipers, ashgenerators… and are great pilots…really, put them in an usual mech, without myth plates, without OP energy wepons, how would they fair?
You wanna talk about skill? there is no skill in those builds, it’s just push buttons…
There is unbalance still in the energy, otherwise you wouldnt have in the Top 20 …10 energy builds.
I tell you this there is a player out there, that has none of these things and yet… he wins most of these players… and he isn’t equaly fused to them… what do we say about that?
Tell it to the guys that even with fully fused mechs, that lack those wepons, and those modules, and that can barely build a 1700-1800 hp mech, that for them it is possible to beat those builds…if the belive hard enough, they can compensate 340-510 hp…right…

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Yes maybe, but if you balance it at lower levels so that snipers etc can’t do anything vs mechs with 200 energy than at higher levels energies are going to get creamed. That is kind of the problem now. Electrics were some of the first that people maxed and people with epics and legendaries could not compete with fully fused energies so they nerfed them. Now that those same physicals and heaters are reaching full mythic energie mechs well you get my point. For an energy mech to do decent damage they have to drain if they can’t then they do 100- 200 on most weapons.

That is not just a big breaking point. Before all these nerfs when I fought mechs = to mine it was challenging no matter the type now it is extremely challenging. If you sit and try to drain you just get drilled and if you back off you lose a shot and you can’t drain so they follow and drill you again or hit you with long range weapons that use energy. In my opinion one more nerf session and energy mechs will be near pointless like they were before the update.

I really don’t care I predicted they would nerf energy into obsoletion.

That is surprising since only one mech in top 10 has it and that is rising the rest of the mechs are either physical or heat. The reason you don’t feel this is because you threw all your money into free weapons.And they have not nerfed them very much but the players using premium weapons are really the ones affected.

This is why i dislike you and wepawet you both love to put people down. And then brag how humble you are.

This is my build now I do very well with it, you are one to talk about Over power 600 energy etc. you would like people to think you don’t use premium items but I can do math.

I really do not care about this game but at least I don’t have 4 epics and 194 energy and complain I can’t beat top energies…

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LMAO, i dont use 600 energy mechs, and i don’t use premium, except windforge.
I don’t put people down, i usualy help them out as much as i can, be it with builds, or with advices.
Re-do the math, you are failing at it.

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your 1v1 mech has 600 energy ill get a screenshot of it the next time you 1v1 and show you what kind of liar you are. You also have platinum plates I have seen you mention it more than once.


go ahead, screen shot my mechs, and i will await you apology on a separate thread.

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Right now you only have 2 3v3 battles your 3v3 mechs only have 573 energy…

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