Made my own module setup


-Strong against heat mechs
-Strong against Physical mechs

-Weak against energies

Well, what do you think?

Maybe if you add a Energy Engine :3 It might make it more resistant against energy mechs.
Edit 2:
Maybe add Annihilation. No energy usage, 15 physical drain at myth, 3 uses, around 200 - 300 damage :smiley:
Edit 3 (This is getting ridiculous):
And the module set up is good! I forgot to say that so sawwy…

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Remove terror cry and add anhilation or nightfall

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replace a plate with a savior protector

nope, bad idea

You mean maximum protector?

Yes and no, he should use MP, but SP is fine as it is better than it’s corresponding plate.

It is clearly better and he can afford the weight.
See this topic: