M3 Team, Black trajic or White trajic?

We were having a discussion about who would join who. Pick ur side!

  • White trajic’s team (trajic)
  • Black trajic’s team (Psi)
  • Troll team (Gaurav)
  • Antrax’s team (Enemy of both)

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M3 - Thread - Why M3 should come back

Remember think with your skin color and not your heart


Remmember, white is right


White people have betrayed me once again. They chose hatred over skin complexion lol

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hahaha ccant stop laughing

ultimately the era will become Black Trajic vs Troll team

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This will be very fun.

JONY team amiright??

Why did this topic die :frowning:


you guys are talking like m3 is just around the corner :stuck_out_tongue:

? ticks roll in 18 hours, thee is 200 colonies placed already

PM Alex for access. Give him your username, and white, black, jw, or troll designation. Remember to stick to your skin color or preference on jw/troll

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im sensing an unexpected winner

I can now confirm this is not happening.

i must be blind then cannot see m3

I chose love over hatred, cause I’m not white and oh also I’m not black either I’m umm… Brown? Maybe I should join Gaurav or antrax.

@trajic1 seems we gonna have to team up and kill the troll team first.

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But thats…Bullying :roll_eyes:
You cant bully the bullies. :open_mouth:


not sure if team up or pus sy up

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