M2 Era 96: Mars Madness


Tick 75

Seems like a good looking era so deserves a thread. So far as I can tell, P is at war with both BLCK and HP, and P have conquered one member of each respective alliance. No large scale wars appear to be going on, however Pony has conquered the rank 12 alliance, and GG have rank 11 alliance members conquered. Lots of alliances with decent amount of territory so looks to be a good one!


Ezpz era (20 chars)
The one who finds me gets 500 reds


ign NERI? gimmie gimmie


Tick 136

P claims rank 1 as come of the other alliances shuffle around the leaderboards. The war of P vs BLCK and HP continues on, with several HP members relocating out. Pony extends towards P, in a rumored attempt to defend their sub HP. So far no other wars have developed.


You’re in p alliance


Keep placing bets guys winner gets a bigger reward in the end


Tick 207

War between P and Pony is confirmed, with one member of P being conquered and several large battles taking place. BLCK and HP are still at war with P I assume. GG has leapt into rank 1, and watches with the rest of the world for now.

Battle on Felina colony


Tick 273

Pony has had several members leave, supposedly to swap members or transfer players into other alliances. P and BLCK appear to be at peace from scans. M2 is expanding north and east although I believe they are not at war with anyone. BRXT has entered the war against what is left of Pony. GG seems to be invading the rank 4 LPD. Lots of players still in the game! If you have any brs you want to share, pm me on skype cm20cm20_1, or pm me here on the forum.


Tick 411

Been a while since I last posted, but TRD has killed BLCK, and BRXT killed some Pony armies, although they have relocated into the bottom left corner. GG has killed LPD and taken over all of their territory. So far as I know, there are no ongoing wars happening rn.


N:7635 E:10262

ty for 500


Tick 490

T is fighting M2 and Pony atm. war started maybe a day or so ago, and looks that T is winning. Nothing else seems to be going on


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