To be honest this era has had so much drama. PLO should have been dead long ago but there’s so much back story to all the major decisions that happened in the era maybe once it’s over I might discuss them.

Looking forward to the last 200 ticks. Can the force guide TPX to defeat the evil red boosting Sith Lord PLO? or will Dark Force prevail once more?


if its the last 200 ticks then plo has got this in the bag. only way you beat plo whilst your a non-booster is you prolong the fight and find him making alot of mistakes.


So close TPX really soo close…kicking out your member Erwen (Elsa) for Bored to get a 2000 score advantage over us was soo close…Sad your plan never worked though…If you have no honor for a clean defeat and need to play dirty to win, well can as well…Nice TRY!!

Want to say well done to my team Plo and Konoha for well fought era we done well lads holding off 3-4 alliances at once with near battle but always on the top…Well done

Final Standings tick 2001


well deserved win, gg PLO and team


I think you must be a bit drowsy and confused. A few corrections.

  1. You were the first alliance to switch members when you took Camfos in after Konoha died just to neutralise the fact that we completely killed off one of your members.
  2. We took Bored in about 300 ticks to end. We took him in because Elsa had issues in real life and we had an internal disagreement over her activity after which she left us hanging to fight a war against 3 players with only 2 members. We then made plans to swap her out. We were NEVER trying to play dirty.
  3. You didn’t hold off 3 to 4 alliances. Stop making it seem like you were heroes. Your main opponent has always been TPX. DRUM was neutral for 95% of the era and YES stabbed my team and literally almost won you the war, after we initially supported them. EX( disbanded alliance) basically put up NO fight. They literally sent their units to get nuked and killed for EXP.
  4. You attacked YES first because you literally had twice their power and army. And bad diplo decisions from your alliance pissed me off and brought me to their aid. Immediately we joined in YES pulled out of the war in a secret undercover deal less than 100 ticks later. TPX fought an alliance with at least twice their army and resources for more than 800 ticks until we gained enough to become even in income and army with your alliance.
  5. You forget to mention the number of minion alliances you had. Multiple spammers, 5150 alliance, ROFL, AGE and BABY. We dealt with them all ALONE.I don’t remember TPX using a single spammer.
  6. The definition of dirty play is when you switch out to win at the last 2 ticks of an era because despite all your advantage you were not skilled enough to beat us.

I respect the era, and I respect your alliance for the fight you put up. But please never take away the truth when you are discussing what happened. Congrats on your win.


just an observation, but you have 6500 kills, ssss has 3500, and rzr has 4300. on the other side, PLO has 23.5k alone. LOL yeah you definitely had to deal with a lot of alliances against you right


Well just to add something to this, PLO had far more conquers than anyone in TPX and was able to gather conquers much later in the era when conquers actually had units in them. So I would gather that a decent amount of his kill count does come from those. No doubt though PLO must of killed more units than any other player outside of just conquers.


fair enough, makes sense


Thanks. I honestly didn’t want to engage Excel with a reply. But I’m glad you did.

Also FYI to all worried about kill count, when we planted PLO was already at 400 power and 4k kills. Put that into context. Also, because of the nature of the war, we hardly had any opportunity to farm conquers.


@Psi got fucked for once and neutron fighting to the death but still losing? Sounds like a reason id miss BD for


Well i lost the era on the last tick. They made a player swap for score. You can read above.


looks to me like you fought to the death but still lost so i dont know why youre correcting me