RIP Thanatos the nub lmfao. He pulled an Apollo and became inactive and died lmfao


Tick 965

ILLU still seems to hold off TPX and YES.


Tick 966
TPX has just lost one of their major armies (SSSS) after having so much time in ILLU Territory…rip them haha


BR plz!
20 20 20 20 20 20


Its contagious Matt :joy:


Should I apologize or say you’re welcome? I can’t tell lol


https://prnt.sc/lk1du6 death of ssss


Honestly it’s been ILLU plus their spam alliances vrs TPX . So that should be noted.


Hahaha whatever you say Legolas…whatever you say :slight_smile:


“You’re welcome” … its the Apollo virus triumphing :joy:


Tick 1412
Update : TPX locked and attacked Illi’s army around tick 900. Which he disbanded. ILLU then replaced him with PSI (Camfos) who had been building infantry against TPX’s vechs in the background.

War broke out around tick 1100 as ILLU tried to take on TPX, after a short initial stalemate and there were few squad exchanges between TPX and ILLU

YES then stabbed TPX from within their own territory at around tick 1360 and forced TPX into a complete network raze since YES had gates almost eta 3 from every TPX gate and TPX were heavily engaged in the battle with ILLU and could not adequately defend network.

The combined force of ILLU and YES finally managed to shutdown TPX’s network , took their relics and conquered one of their members. Legolas and ssss relocated to the middle island. Does TPX succumb to the multiple nuke attacks raining on their ops and colonies?



Surely you can survive a 2v1? Like what ILLU has been doing for like 900 ticks even though TPX was soo dominant in ILLU’s hive for a majority of the era and were not able to finish them off when they had the chance why was that?


“Stabbed” :+1: good for you mate


Because we stand against killing. Finishing people and killing them is bad bro. Grow a conscience. xD


Tick : 1679



After the last update of Yes siding with ILLU and they both took out all the network of TPX together.The war has again changed quite a bit and now its
TPX & YES vs ILLU : Round 2
YES after taking over most of territory of TPX again had a clash with ILLU where they lost almost all their armies around tick 1559

YES Alliance dead armies

Some 100 ticks After this battle around tick 1655 TPX also came back into the fight taking a lot of PLO alliance network only to lose their 2 members while trying to attack a relic, where got LDed and died.

TPX alliance dead armies except Legolas/Neutron

So atm YES has lost majority of their armies and TPX is only left with 1 player alive , looks like the win is almost in bag for PLO , unless any other alliance jumps in.


wait nani the fukku why is plo winning mars eras now?
did psi stop playing this game?


PSI is in Yes alliance.


Psi saved PLO…and then was kicked when PLO pursued his relic fetish owned by his allies and psi friends


Why are Plo and Psi even playing in same team? They are basically killing the competition.


It was a mistake for Yaz, Psi and co to keep pursuing deals with plo. Even after he reneged the first time, they still tried to make a deal work. People should just stop trying to deal with him, it handed him the era because no team this era was able to fight plo’s alliance 1v1. When your long term strategy depends on plo being reliable and loyal, it’s asking for trouble