M2 Era 78 - 3 man teams


So,if EzPz takes PLOs crystals,will you kill them ?


amer asking the real questions


Well the fact that he mentioned other alliances shows that its not just his alliance after those crystals. In a war with allies, sharing loot is common. Having an alliance allow an enemy to join them, especially one killed a couple times, is a hostile act.


Thanks G. You hit the nail on the head. I got no problem with EzPz @LizardYEYE , they’ve done quite a lot of work


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No matter what happens, the lesson we all learnt from this era is :

PLO and trajic both imply the same thing when they say they “quit”.

I’m sure y’all know what that is :smiley:


This is a matter of opinion, in my opinion both me and PLO have quit and you guys are playing serious.


bye bye PLO :slight_smile:


… What? What is that build about?


I’m not 100% sure on the details, but from what I could see he had people plant to join his team and they made arm and damage. This was because they didn’t have the time to make the range structure I assume so were just a meat shield.


Even if all PLO’s units were range, he has at most 145 range on a total of 832 units.


It’s a suicide build, quick, cheap and was effective until we outnumbered him and he realised he wasn’t getting anywhere and just wasting his time. So he planted 5 friends and sent them reds to rush armour and all launched at our colony that couldn’t relocate, thankfully they were turned and banned in time.


Fitting color


Fitting tag he has on his flag also :sunglasses: :jack_o_lantern:


did noob trash lose yet?


no i haven’t. not yet


10 ticks to the end, gg bois


GG ladies, whos that fat DeW guy whoring conqs in the middle?


What happened to Dino , i was cheering for them :frowning:


He was kicked at the end, dw.
Me and Psi at it again, I guess… :smile_cat: