M2 Era 78 - 3 man teams


Nice battle. Surprised PLO went for a relic without having nuked it.


Not sure what was happening because DINO are playing defense near his colony, but he flew out way past everything along with @George and ChasingTail. Not sure what his endgame plan was… Maybe George can shed some light on it


it was nuked, he took too long to attack it after the nuke tho :stuck_out_tongue:





Beautiful BR !
Nice LD worked ! :slight_smile:

that guy Defender had to disband tought then, bad luck anyway & nice battles in both side
GG :slight_smile:


117 finishes BH off. Ioned a nuke last 20 seconds to give them this kill. Nice feign of inactivity :smiley:



Nice kill, EzPz. This one stung


Rebuilds 20 squads in 30 ticks :slight_smile:


Yeah lol , idk why people say on broadcasts and their skypes thats they are quitting BD and never coming back and then u can still find them playing here and there , so weird aint it


Whom are you mocking here? The guy in BC who i guess is PLO, or trajic?


It was a bc from PLO. Nice br by Ezpz


Bad hitmo! I would never say I quit bd :pensive:


Since there hasn’t been an update in some time, here’s Tick 982


oi m8

look at all that dreamy aqua on the side :heart:


Oh, so you never say you quit?

then what is this?


He’d tell you its fabricated


Expert at sending ETA 12… #roasted


Thats not nice, zelly is my fwiend :frowning:


lmao what did you expect, we had fought PLO for 700 ticks but YEAH OK WE’LL JUST LET HIM LIVE IN A DIFFERENT ALLIANCE, MAKES SENSE

Use that brain of yours and realise that it wasn’t a stab and would never be a stab. Your main alliance accepted an enemy into their team. I explicity stated anyone that took PLOs crystals or accepted him into their team would die, not only by us but by other alliances. So… you say we’re sneaky cunts, I say you should’ve been more careful. :slight_smile:


You tell him bby