M2 Era 78 - 3 man teams



That footballer on E2, Rolandinho Gaucho


The Tao of Pooh is a fantastic book about the principles of Taoism told through Winnie the Pooh :relaxed:

but alas you caught me, I am 1, I confess :disappointed_relieved:


All the BRs are shared publicly :stuck_out_tongue: That’s the beauty of the forums


yea we saw already lol


tried to hide your army as best as i could George, im really bad with these stuff.

This mars2 era looks interesting, from what i can see its 3m, 3ms, OTF, PLO and BH vs DINO, ezpz and kyl. PLO seems to be cornered 3M seem to have so peace deal with EzPz.

p.s I think we should bring mars 3 back


don’t forget that DeW just started fighting :cold_sweat: :rolling_eyes:



Who are DeW? they’re irrelevant :expressionless:


Oh man you are gonna love the BR that comes here next tick ladies and gentlemen


Finally after millennia of him running, DINO are proud to present:


This is why you don’t split your army and attack full CT OPs


After a week of running onto every OP in the north side, a trap set by 117 means DINO can finally present;

#RIP Archangel


Why are you cock blocking me on forums man, not cool


inb4 post kid, get rekt


So from what ive read archangel is a BH memeber and he attacked DINO to help PLO, but now DINO have killed all of BH?

i see Dew vs 3m and OTF now @NotCarter @Swagger, theres your shout out.

Seems PLO alliance are running out of help even after that big battle win.


Basically BH agreed to help us with PLO originally but then stabbed when we got pushed back a bit…

I bet they regret that now


They gave DeW free network tho, just as OTF and 3M are doing :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you


Kudos to 117 for this little gem - more BH armies killed


Rest in Peace PLO, you had a good run