M2 Era 78 - 3 man teams


You’d be the head of that circle of scum.


Wtf guys.It’s just a game.Chill the f out.

No need for hate speech and harsh words.



Think this one comes down to sleep deprivation :smile:




good to have a bit of bad blood between players makes wars more exciting and mean that little bit more, stop snitching, bad bad hitmo :slight_smile:


I cant believe what im seeing. Any idea who temp banned him?


As much as I find that amusing

You’re literally doing the exact same thing he did to get banned


May the best win, regardless :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:


I guess now we know why he deletes literally everything he posts


The plot thickens



Finally got a chance to check this world. Seems like PLO alliance is still #1.


Planted recently to check it out, not disappointed. Seems like there are wars and conflicts going on all around, map looks very colorful. :vertical_traffic_light: Pretty entertaining :thumbsup:


I guess you picked the wrong side, Snowman.


This happened awhile ago, wasn’t my kill but I thought I’d share


tick 730.

Can i ask that PLO relocates away from the edge of the map?? hes messing up the top 12 screenshot :unamused:


any more BRs also who is currently fighting who


you’ll probably see soon i guess


idk :thinking::thinking:


Uhh, Carter moved to Brazil?