M2 Era 78 - 3 man teams


That’s not defending yourself tho, I have the same feeling about what PSI did as the rest of you, and it was kina dumb that nothing happened to him, but it doesn’t matter to this m2. He got the info wrong, no need to harass him for something I’m sure we all harassed him for enough already. @The_Stranger sorry I just keep hearing everywhere that zealot is the leader, mb.


He fired the first shot about M2. He called @THENICKRULZ all sorts of names in Skype PM this morning, for absolutely no reason at all. I have the whole conversation already saved, but I’m not going to put it here. So, yeah, I think I am defending myself, and my teammates, and I think Psi should probably read up on eras before he makes judgement calls and slants my members, considering the scandal he involved himself with on E4.

@Carter, you’re right btw, I’ve been leader up until yesterday. Pat was handling most of the diplo so I just thought it made sense to pass over leadership.


Also, this is what happens when you shield sit. Bad idea kiddies


Can it noob, we don’t need another admin mouth piece. Leave zelly to either win or probably lose the era without getting all righteous!


Well I am conquered… :slight_smile:


@Psi is the best :smiley: I speak on behalf of everyone in saying we all hope PLO kills @The_Stranger and @Zealot :stuck_out_tongue:


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


PLO, you, and who else…? Oh yeah, you’re a two man team, forgot PaPa doesn’t do anything c;


“PLO and George” no mention of PaPa again… :thinking:


That is spicy, indeed :smiley:



PLO v literally everyone else, maybe?


oh oh…(raises hand)

The Empire ( PLO side) vs The Last Jedi’s (Zealot side)



At least the trash talk worked, I heard u guys are alive and back playing :slight_smile:


So @George you done with M2 already ?


I’m happy with my life. If it needs to end now I would not regret. :slight_smile:


Uuuh I feel someone is triggered. Share your love. :slight_smile:


Hate is also good, I love that. Keep going. :slight_smile:


Nice man, I’m glad u are fine. Thanks to God. And thanks, I appreciate that. :slight_smile: