M2 Era 78 - 3 man teams


i voted TNT cuz i believe in elcent :heart:


Was this the BR you’re talking about? Good stuff there, wouldn’t you say?


B O O S T B O O S T B O O S T :slight_smile:


Whole world has erupted in war, this is a fine lookin era :slight_smile:


@Elcent :heart_eyes:


I heard the newb @Zealot and NickRulz are refusing to log in to fight LMAO.

What kind of BD players do we have nowadays? Was so happy when DINO was #1 kicking everyone arse, now that war happens you guys… Goes like crazy chickens?


he has a forum account

still tho if what you say is true that’s a shame, however I don’t think zealot would back down like that.
mabye idk


Ye that’s what I was told and I even planted a colony now to make sure lol


Please, do not delete this post.



Alright Senatus Jr don’t be too humble!


Refusing to log in? Who told you that?

Go back to ruining factions eras.


atleast he was good enough to be considered as a leader


Was he, though? Last I checked leaders don’t remove one of the most influential players in their team and then leave the rest to the dogs, but hey ho. I’m glad you’re getting your attention fix today @Psi :slight_smile:


The only people refusing to log in are TG. @Psi don’t go running your mouth, because unlike you I can put together a worth while team. If there’s been any carrying this era, it’s them carrying me.


Since I was not playing the era I was a silent spectator of the thread, but now since the faction era topic has been brought up, I would request some one to please shed some light on what is going on in this era and how does that relate to E4 era.


It doesn’t, zealot n friends be nice :rolling_eyes:


? I’m not the one that started it. Don’t call me out for it??? Wth


Not specifically calling you out (your the leader of the alliance tho, and all of u are doing it), just don’t bring up e4 on a topic about m2. Psi fucked us all over ik, but bring it up somewhere else. Like make a new topic that will probably be removed by Alex anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a right to defend myself mate, sorry. I don’t agree with that at all


Actually I’m the leader of the alliance, @Carter.