M1 : Next era , "A Blast from the Past" , 5 days to Go!


We need to get SCG fighting on M1 too. That would be amazing. A 4 way war


The moral support and memes u gave us were the only reason we won


Well this blew up…

Hope those 2 old teams are really showing up :slight_smile:
if they are M1 wont be dissappointing to watch :slight_smile:


SoL, TLA, SGC, and Jazz’s team?


I was wondering about @Germanicus answer about a 4 way war, wondering which was the 4th team. So its Jazz team after all.


wtf is a jazz team, you mean 4 time m1 champs. AKA FLUX

Mars 1 Era 59 | FLUX 5-peat?

i saw Scotlandyard of Nex show up a couple days back. mentioned his appearance to a few other Nex members that are currently not playing and they planted. as i recall, they had M1 quite a few times before. im expecting them to show.


5 way? Oh man this could be amazing to watch. However I hope the teams coming in are in it for the long haul and don’t quit if they get killed early.


Nex??? who’s that (reference to an hof era maybe)


I’m afraid the map will prove to be too small to accommodate all.


SGC isn’t playing till later in the year


SGC is everywhere all of the time where there is salt to be had


This is gonna be fun.


damn everyday that passes I hear lots of new "old players"
who even are you nonames?


You don’t know Apollo?


Yay Capo is here. If Capo will be playing m1, i will actually plant to watch. Otherwise i dont think it will be too fun. Flux isnt there, so i dont have a team. TLA are noobs. SCG are nobodies or complete noobs. I checked a big chunk of the HOF havent seen em at all. And im not a fan of SoL


aren’t there like 10 apollos, it’s hard to know who is who

I ain’t playin no more worlds, won all the ones i did. this game is dead-er than it used to be, im out


Im one of those old players that will be returning soon. Guess i gotta build my rep back up.


I am the guy who won M1 era 54 while playing F1 and E1 together with it , winning F1 aswell and Rank2 on E1 after getting stabbed 3 times in a server which maxed ticks. And then i left game and i guess u took whatever scraps i left and make some winning streak or something , nice job on that. and dont worry i aint coming back to M1 anytime soon. Just hyping a good battle which was gonna take place. IDK if it still will.

Advice : use some soft words and try to keep your cool , u are on the maintenance team and kinda represent tactisoft , look up to josh and Alex how they stay cool in forums all the time even if someone abuses them anytime.


Hope to see the two teams go head to head as it just opened up!!!