M1 : Next era , "A Blast from the Past" , 5 days to Go!


Not giving out too much info here , But 2 great alliances from past are going to clash with each other on next M1 , Both have dominated their home servers for a long long time and have finally found each other on M1 and none of them is ready to backout and take it easy on some other server with less competition. I am hoping it will be a great fight and both sides will see a lot of action and find it worth their time.

But coming to the main point i was hoping to see some modern day alliance to take on these old alliances , as lot of old players (not all but some) have openly said that the current breed of players who dominate BD servers isnt much great and they wouldnt have survived against the kind of competition BD saw in old days. I was hoping FLUX would have participated in the fight and proved everyone wrong and gave a good competition to both the old alliances and maybe , maybe won . But they said they cannot participate as they are tired due to current era and wont play the next.

So is there any other modern day alliances who can take on these 2 old alliances , cause this is a rare opportunity and u might not face something like this for maybe next 6-7 months or maybe more. There is still almost 5-7 days to prepare and get your alliance ready.

Hoping to see some new alliances teach these old folks that how you bring pain in the new BD eras.

And quoting Joe " If u are gonna die , die with a smile"


Who would these old alliances be? If they do actually want competition from newer players, no reason to not to say.


I think by now everyone knows they’re SoL and TLA anyway.


I figured TLA was one of them, but thought the other might’ve been SCG. Either way though, i always love to see more competition.


SGC* :expressionless:


i dont think i’ve heard of SCG. but then again, i’m not a mars lad. TLA should be pretty fun to watch though.


SCG is the classic team that was formed in the Sydney cricket grounds, im sure Zealot can detest to this.


HAHAHAHAHA I never thought of this


Also @Malicewolf SGC players just played and won E2.


Yall cant handle Flux.

-4 peat
-back to back to back to back to back? 5 peat???
-Congrats to Mixan for top 10 boat

  • As always, PSI sucks


Yall forcing me out of retirement! SOL AND TLA LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

GREAT ALLIANCES LMAOOOOOOO got me messed up over here.


“proved everyone wrong” who the hell are you my dude. when your team wins 4 straight come back to me


Oh I do hope someone puts you in your place, boy.


what happened this past era zealot? super team not work out.

Lucky for them tho, we got real life going on.


I had a PC failure and a hastily put together team. Not taking anything away from skizzy and the boys because I respect them a lot more than you, but we were the only competition, and we still held them for about 250 ticks…


Zel, bro, it wasnt Skizzy and the boiz. It was Skiz, Faker, Mix, and FLUX against the 6 of you.


Carter and i git carried


I got carried too :slight_smile:


I’m really excited for this, gonna have my eyes glued to the m1 servers.


Why do every time I want to quit this game people push me back into it?


Because we love you #boat #goat #gomixango