Lvl 150 Noob With Questions

Soo yesterday - I got to Lvl 150 - been playing since the day after reloaded started last year.

Took me about 4 months to get to LvL 90 - and well we all know tacti made levels irrelevant recently.

so no refuels… no gold bonuses…

trying to finish my 2nd mech and start on my third. (so a year - to do one mech at this pace now?)

i don’t get the logic - here… are they trying to push us established players out? @Sarah247


I don’t see any problems, it allows lower leveled players to catch up easier.


people will complain about anything these days.

get free shit… complain the game is too easy now.

TS make shit harder to acheive… complain the game is too hard now.


awesome community is awesome

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not speaking about other players -

I enjoyed grinding - and playing - and using my fuel and the reward of leveling -

that is gone - and that is what i commented on - if you missed that - pardon english is my first language :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can abuse that bug to reset your level if you want to carry on with that. :slight_smile:


lol - and extra words

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I already reach level 93 in 1 week

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you and everybody else - Good Job.

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Since XP has been improved, many of us now have level 150. One time you get to that, it seems like a dead zone, although counter still picks up XP.

atm XP is like the winstreak, I don´t find it useful.

It would be interesting if XP could be exchanged for boxes or coins or for something, at least for practical use.


Maybe not XP but lvls


Well…XP=levels (pretty much)

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XP - time value, burned ingame and the ratio of reduction awards

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i don’t see how 2 tokens per level can help someone but ok lol.


For ex: 1 box of common items every 10,000 HP , 1 premium box = 100,000 HP and so …

because then I don´t find any sense, that if you’ve already reached lvl 150, the counter keeps accumulating …

You can still grind gold and boxes after 150 correct ? I am closing in on it. @Wepwawet

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When you reach 150 you can continue making gold in campaign. and your counter keeps accumulating XP, but it´s useless. that is, there is no reward. It’s like something dead, that happens because yes. like winstreak.

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I think it’s one of the things that will change soon. Maybe the lvls increase.

But the truth is that 2 tokens and 70,000 coins is a shame! As admin I would fall the face of shame to give that misery in exchange of so much effort …