Lucky fortune box

Today I just open a fortune box and I get…


Is this from the portal?

Which legendary did you get?

i only get epics…it’s as if there’s a pattern or something…it’s not random

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In your experiences, what is the legendary drop chance?

I got lucky and got 2 legendaries in a day a few weeks ago, but I’ve probably opened 20+ fortune boxes since then. I’m guessing the legendary drop rate is between 1 and 10 and 1 in 50. What has been everyone else’s experience?

Nice, now i am jealous noe

Inversely proportional to the need for money from the SMteam at this current moment.
Discrete changes can be measured in seconds.
and as practice shows Item boxes this rule also applies.

The legendary is desert fur, I don’t use it because it’s damage is too low. ( only 79-113, 10 phydrain, 10heat/energy cost)

@TheDestroyer306 ( must 20 characters )

Desert Fury is pretty decent at mythical. Maxed it’s -23 resistance and 157-224 damage. Not quite as good as Nightfall, but it’s super light and useful when matches start at long range.

Any update on how often you guys are finding legendaries? I haven’t got one in the last 25 or so fortune boxes.

ami came out 3 veses legendary letters is that chest there I do not care if I do not get anything good I would occupy it to improve my legs to miticas I save about 150,000 or a little more in improving it to legend