Luck vs. manipulation


to what extent it can be considered good or bad luck.

at what point the manipulation of what they call luck could be considered a scam ?.

This game continues to manipulate the equations of your game to alter the rate of falling items.

To what extent is that legal? taking into account that the percentage of the fall rate of its different products has never been published (premium boxes and premium packages).

This game is small and insignificant in relation to other games maybe that’s why it escapes the eyes of legal audit. there are rules within which all games are governed, only remains to find out if those laws can be applied to this game, in such a way to encourage an audit, because although small and insignificant is the game, this behavior could represent a scam.

therefore, it is subject to sanctions.

no matter how small the drop rate of this game is, the odds should not be so small, because the number of items in this game is small, so the odds are that illegal fall rates are being manipulated.

in addition to other variables that apparently limits the fall of articles.

surely this post will be eliminated. but at least to do it they will have to read it, this community is not stupid and we know what they are doing. How does it feel to get money based on cheating? Do not have the ability to earn money honestly ?. Why do not they make a better game and earn their money like other emotional ones do?



oh boy a prem pack with only epics, i must be manipulated into buying these help

just take it as face value. it’s just bad luck if this happens.


I think you’re just unlucky. I don’t suppose I should say this in order to avoid nerfing of boxes targetted to my account but out of the 15 I opened in recent memory, only 4 contained all epics.

@Kaen had a good theory where P2W get bad drops on purpose to convince them to pay more while f2p players get the regular drop rates. No one knows if it’s true but yeah… good theory


Just to test the waters again two days ago I’m slightly embarrassed to say I spent £20 on 2k or so tokens. For the first 3 packs I got nothing but epics. 3 packs. Meaning £10 can get you nothing premium and no significant fuse potential either. The rest of my tokens got me four legendaries: dynamic stompers, devouring paws, regen module, hysteria. No premium items and only 4/5 items required to transform a single item.


That’s what £20 gets you atm.

I sympathise with your optimism, read some of my earlier posts at the dawn of reloaded I was much the same. But you have to be brainwashed to think the fact that £20 can get you ZERO premium items and £10 can get you ZERO legendaries at all is acceptable. It shouldn’t even be possible.

And let us not forget the experience of rising who spent a whole 6k tokens without any premium items dropping once.

Don’t spend unless you’re wealthy it’s really not worth it.


That was actually without a single legy. I had the same experience that day.

TS claimed a “bug” after the shet storm rampaging here (on these dates they nerfed the silver boxes officialy) and paid back 50% of the tokens.


Haha they didn’t even give a full refund after admitting their was a bug meaning the purchase was faulty. If you buy a broken product anywhere else and the store admits they sold you a faulty item they give you a full refund not 50% in store credit (tokens).


let’s not forget what happened to FIRE, he bought a lot and an error of SM did not give his pack the claim and they told him that they were going to be given little by little (by parts) that is unacceptable because he not payment by installments in short.

this game seeks to do what you want if you claim you forbid, if you complain you forbid. every day worse. they do a basic update and they think they are the kings of the mambo


I miss Fire, he really was the best…


when speaking about software there s no luck, only a probability and where are real money this probability are calculated very well for incentivate to make spend money by the players, so dont try to ask some new good upgrade cause the target of tacticsoft is increase the profit.


Profit is obtained by having more players win new players. making it worthwhile to buy this game every day loses expert players in exchange for 10 new accounts that will only last a few weeks and leave


i think one of the important things is dont lose old players but in this tactitsoft is going bad


Gambling i guess?