Lower the prices

After you balanced the items, I think its time to balance the prices in game too.
I saw that admins started listening to players, and I thought they might also hear this.
My suggestions are:

  1. Price of silver box shouldnt increase every time we buy a box, find one price and dont change it.
  2. The cost of premium account is too high, it would be nice if you lower it a little, or just start making discounts often.
  3. Give us bigger chances for epic in silver box, and legendary in premium box.

Players, what is your opinion? [poll type=regular public=true]

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I would suggest to make all prices higher, I like high prices !


Ok, special high prices for besty and those who share opinion with her, lower prices for us who want reduction of prices. Problem solved :slight_smile:

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We are waiting for an answer :slight_smile:

Good luck, WE wait since 1 month and 5 days for an answer to this …


Don’t worry… you will get the answer “soon”

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Yeahh … its only the Top-thread of SuperMechs AND Battle Dawn !
(at least this is shown this way for me - dont know if it is for others also)

So no need to answer - OR they are working out such a GREAT reward for all the once who lost 4 years of gameplay !

letmedream letmedream letmedream



  • We’re working on bringing back the discounts system so we could start doing sales again.
  • Silver Box is intentionally not going to give Legendary and Mythical, this is why it’s relatively cheap and that’s why it is given in the free boxes (the free boxes are silver boxes). You do have a chance to win an Epic item in that box, though.
  • We’re working towards having premium accounts affect the rewards in the campaign as well so players will get more for the same account. This will probably take a few sprints before it’s done development and balancing, but it is planned.

That is why its funny for price to increase after each buying. I bought 10 boxes for example, and they cost more than 10 000 gold, and I keep getting some lowest lvl items which are not worth spending that much gold. My suggestion is to have one price, which WONT increase after every buying. Not increasing chances for epic, just to make that price unchangeable. Some players (like me), fused their old items and now have to buy boxes for upgrading. Increasing price for one same box is funny. That was my point.


Please work on a system that brings back some of the amount players gave you before you deleted all that money contributed with one patch.

All the money players gave you was completely nullified, how can we trust you at this point with no loyalty plan for customers who gave you tens, hundreds, and thousands of dollars?

Add on top of this - everyone who previously completed the achievements and campaign and spent those tokens has nothing to show for it, you’re better off with a new account than a “legacy” account.

Soon you’re going to have “legacy” players. Players who had 3-6 fully fused mechs. Who had multiples of every mythical. That was serious amounts of money. You just deleted it all with one patch and want those player buy it all back?

Where is the compensation plan? Why does nobody from tacticsoft comment on this?