Low level boxes


You should be able to buy boxes from lower levels ( an example: i’m level 30 and a lv 15-30 mix item box costs 40k coins. You should be able to buy a lv1-15 box for 20k coins


sounds cool so i think it would come in handy


maybe cheaper than 20K (since low level equipment have less power), otherwise its idea I myself through about


good idea, but… better the old shop :slight_smile: buy the item you need for the right price in place of spend tons of sm and dont get what you need…


I once asked Tacticsoft’s kongregate moderator abt old shop. At first he used excuse “new players need something simple, they are scared of our huge items lists and don’t know what to do and finally stop playing”. When players started to suggest giving access to the old shop at level 30 (when player is clearly experienced and will not easily quit the game), he just stopped responding to this question…


He probably doesn’t know what to answer for that question


That gave me a good laugh :joy: :joy:

Who get scared of huge item list


actually, lemme find one of his messages

"For the rest the Shop was a giant UI that caused a lot of newer players to leave…"


Lmao, if it scared players away why didn’t they make it searchable or something :smiley:


In this case it is easier to make a shop :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that our @Alexander


No, he got paid for that message