Loving the new SM rn


I was told by Elcent and Fluffeh to check out SM after the new update and I gotta say it’s awesome.

Great moves, keep it up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this sarcasm…? Because who in the right mind would say that?


It is garbage. Complete mess up. You are a BD player? Yes you are…this update benefits the BD people better then the people who played SM for years! How disgraceful, you should be ashamed.


I would like to try and have fun with the “new SM”, but the prohibitive fusion costs are getting in the way of that. :frowning:


How so :stuck_out_tongue:

I spend quite a few of my shekels on BD, so I’m not some poor nut.

This update made me want to play SM and it’s pretty fun. My only gripe with it is the XP being nerfed, but I can survive :frowning:

All you SM kiddies aren’t using logic at all. Loads of other games make old stuff not as viable anymore, and this update isn’t even like that. It’s called SM reloaded for a reason.


Look little BD mafia man, idc if you wasted your money on BD, you should crawl beack ti where youc ame from (BD). This update #SMUNLOADED sucks, ask any long-term playing SM player and they will say the same. Also, new sprites look goofy.


this isnt SM, this is another game. if they wanted to make another game then do that, dont do something as big as this to something that works. i understand they wanted to get people back into the game, this isnt how to do it. this is like playing black ops 2 and adding halo 5 to it. its broken


Actually, it can benefit by ragequitting SM players and increase the chance of them trying out BD. Like me, I’m already reading your forums :slight_smile:


Oh god xD

Don’t click any topics labeled “e4 factions”


I’ll try my best NOT to.


Lmao, ok you lil punk from BD, please put your off topic posts elsewhere.


I’m off topic? :stuck_out_tongue:

You called me a mafioso idk.


Just go away. The new SM update is garbage. No one likes it.


I’m not nobody :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re being forced to say that you actually “like” the update by Tactisoft. Stop. State your actual opinion on it and stop being controlled by Tactisoft.


Dude I’m not even related to tacticsoft besides living in the same country

I genuinely like it

To clarify for you kiddies, this gear thing doesn’t mean I’m related to tacticsoft or that I am a staff member :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean adding guns and realistic graphics to vanilla (non-modded) Minecraft? :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with @carter this update brings life to the game.