Love your Tacticsoft, be happy you are not Pixonic customer


Hi guys, I was just browsing the forum of a game I would be potentially interested in, and the game some of you advertised as the good alternative for SM. I strongly recommend you read the linked article, but to put you in the mood, the most common memes about Pixonic now are similar to these:

They just introduced a totally OP premium mech for 350 bucks. Players revolt, the whole business is going shit. So we should be glad, after all, we are TS customers. Honestly. And those of you who said “I switch to war robots, it is much better… Company treats players well”… Bla, bla, bla… Link to the article:



You must believe that … there will always be someone worse or better than you.


Problem with TS is this: @Sarah247 and the stuff are really efficient when it comes to face standard problems, but they aren’t open to discuss with the players.
It’s true we are a minority here on the forum, but it’s also true we are the most active and committed players.
I understand we are in no position to chose which direction the games has to take, we can only chose to quit playing. I also understand SM is a business and they have to make profit from it, whicj is fair.
What I don’t understand is why they choose to ignore every feedback we give them. No one ever claimed that everything must be free or that we should have mythical falling from the sky.
But we had some major issue, like transition to Reloaded, drop and item quality nerfs and fuel reduction. I don’t wanna say that they had to revert the changes, just that they should have tweaked 'em following players feedback (e.g. they should have reduced top players fuel by 25% instead of 50% after the little riot we saw; players would have been happy and TS would have raised refill cost and cut fuel cap as planned).
Instead, they just ignore players and occasionally give out some - don’t take it too bad - patetic explanation like the one @Mohadib gives us about the fuel reduction. Really, buddy, we understood why you did that, we just felt it was a little too much. It’s frustrating when someone talk to you like you cannot understand anything, and it’s even more frustrating when they just ignore you. The community just grow in anger when this stuff happen.
Again, good job on some aspect @Tacticsoft and enjoyable game overall, but you are missing the human aspect gaming. I guess it’s possible to forgot what it means to be a player when you are on the other side of the wall.
Tagged everyone since I feel mine isn’t just a stupid rant, but there’s some opinions worth reading here.
That said, have a good one everyone.

(@Mordulec gonna read this stuff now!)


Agree… this is the most important.


Meng uwotm8, $300 premium bot?

And no, I’m not glad. Just because there’s someplace worse, doesn’t make the place you’re in any better.


@Splatter, you misinterpreted my message. I by no means try to justify TS, I am as furious at them as you, but when I read about Pixonic, I just felt: Meh, we could write the same article about TS… The thing is now I am 100% sure that no matter which PvP game you choose, the problem will be always the same - developers trying to monetize their potential as much as possible, and if it is not possible any more, they just do not give a shit and try even harder. I am very curious what Pixonic’s future will be like - do they keep up War Robots online or shut it down… Anyways, even if I wanted to switch to War Robots, now I am cured of this idea… This is the point of my post, Splat!


Bro…i play war robots.
That article is a rant.
I aint promoting nor am i defending Pixonic.
Neither do i say it is better or worse the SM.
For me it is diferent,it has more similarity with WoT then with SM.
And from what i can say, that OP robot that is the subject of the rant… isn’t OP at all. It has a special ability that was not seen befor in the game…but is a glass cannon, easy to burst down.
I also have it… got it for free from beta testing it, but i am not using it, cause it is weaker then traditional bots.


Gotcha, at a first glance sounded more like we are meh but outside is worse, so it’s kinda fair to be here. Now I can understand your point better.
Anyway I wrote what I wrote cuz I was in the mood and I thought it was worth writing.
It may happen someone will listen at some point, you never know I guess :sweat_smile:


Adding a new op robot is far from rolling out a new game. Reloaded rendered all previous effort of a players time or money useless. Continuously reducing the ability of F2p players to advance to compete with p2w players is more akin to kicking a player while they are down. There is no real comparison here but it was a great article and I would love to see a similar effort in regards to SM reloaded.

My shock anger and outrage has subsided and been replaced with self loathing . I choose to play despite all the atrocities described above. It is on me at this point. I continue to normalize the abuses by playing. I really like myself I swear…,


I just balance it all out by bashing the developers non-stop outside the forums, it really keeps you entertained. So it’s all good for me.


Its the name of my new music band :slight_smile:


What kind of music they do?


I am not sure yet but I think it won’t be “pop” music.


It costs more than 350 bucks to be the top-ranked player around here :wink:


I was thinking 350 bucks to get a bot with all primo parts wouldnt be that bad compared to the huge gamble you take buying tokens.


i still think pixionic know how to manage games and TS nope
after all they need to win! but they introduce the “new articles” in better way than TS, without mention quality of their job leave greedysoft on the dust
players who cry by this dont have the skill required to be f2p only and just decide to complain because p2w have all easy when ehem thats the point of being p2w
u can easily get the 4800 gold required x the 4 orkans in less than 3 months (because thats the complain, but u get 80-100 gold per day if ur a good & active player)
when a p2w get em inmediately
here on SM if u r p2w u r almost equal to f2p
i think war robots need a better player base and deserve it more than SM
but i play both


inquisitor have the same skill before both are like the griffin op & improved version
people rant is by the 4 orkan that would be equiped by p2w players wich honestly isnt big deal if u consider f2p can put 4 tarans that deal massive dmg too
i see both posts as nonsense