Lost or stolen account

Has anyone ever lost or had their account stolen? What was the process you had to go thru to retireve it and how long did it take to recover?

you can recover a forgotten password through your email I’m pretty sure, however if your account was “stolen” there is no way you can get it back and you’ll just have to take the lesson never to give out your password the hard way.

Doesn’t seem punishable by death. There are many receipts of purchase attributed to the account in question so if only one person sends them in it would seem they are the rightful owner no?

@kingblinks you know what it is reference to.

you’d have to ask an admin but I’m going to say probably not. the admins have been fairly consistent that they can’t help people who have given away their passwords and had their accounts stolen in the past, but it couldn’t hurt to ask I suppose.

Yeah two responses from 20 emails messages gave me my answer already. Many players have lost or had accounts stolen and gotten them back. It is not being consistent. I am not sure what it is but I thought some others may have had a different experience.

my old account is just gone i created a new one just now just to be able to type this

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