Lost my winstreak


OK, I already posted this in the old forum just now…But not sure if that was the place for SM…

So what happens is my timer will be stuck at 0 after the opponents move and I cannot make any move!!

It happened just now, while I was fighting a gold league player and I lost 4 moves and hence lost the match…However this happen only when I am on phone app,. Not on PC…Please look into this issue.i am sure I am Not the only person having this problem and it’s going to ruin our hard earned Winstreak



you’re not supposed to be here yet.


Really? its still the old forum for SM? hmm…I saw a few SM post there…but more than that adult stuff and i didnt think my post would benoticed among that…i posted there too , in case this wasnt the forum


We have not moved the SM forum over to the new yet. It’ll be coming later along with updates. Until then, the old forum is still for SM


ok, will check that one


Neither are you Misfit.


I’m primarily a battle dawn player, actually.


Oh really baz? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you sure this is not the SM forum??? I post a bug on the old one 2 weeks back and i don’t get a reply…It is full of just spam posts!!

I got another bug again, where I won a battle but it was recorder as a loss!! This game is full of bugs and it is sad to see no one even cares!!! I need a reply from some admin!


This is insane! It just happened again .This is not fair!!