Lost my max fuel

Lost my max fuel, I have had almost two times more about 126 in my level 105, now i have max fuel 66!
Help me-)

Did they lower fuel?

Yep, yet another kick in the head for free players…

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This is another nerf, I replenished the fuel tokens and paid 20 tokens, following replenishment of the fuel 30 tokens!!!

It is BS… I’m sorry you lost tokens @Nagibator… Stuff like this makes me mad…

They also changed daily challenges

It’s time to change the game on:

There are developers on the contrary give igracem premium items and currency for free, thereby luring the game, and here is SM with each update the desire to play and spend money less.

Just our daily nerf from monkeysoft. I feel like they really want to destroy this game…


Maybe they changed drop rates so we don’t have to grind as much to get the same stuff? So we need less fuel and less time?

Looks like they reduced it because of the autoplay feature.

It automatically uses a repair for any damage… It does not play energy types right it puts up drone instead of firing the best draining weapon first.

Thanks TS, reduction of fuel you have ensured that I will play less SM and more into War Robots

War Robots is actually a cool game! :slight_smile:
It’s a completely different gameplay from Super Mechs. If you’re into realtime team PvP game it’s a good game, though I tend to play World of Tanks more when I’m in that type-of-game mood.


You really need to learn from the team of war robots to entice players into the game, they do it with great success and not greedy in game items, I recently opened a drawer and got a robot worth 100$ I’m happy to play it.
In the SM all the way around, you made it so that new players no chance to catch up with the TOP, only with money…
You don’t care about old TOP players…
You are given the opportunity to obtain items with the old version of the game…(teleport-1kg, dual teleport, double hook)
You took the maximum fuel, thus utensili time finding players in the game.
You relied on the fact that we will spend tokens on the fuel??? NO… because in order To once posponing all the fuel that was before I have to spend 50 tokens. I used to have 126 fuel, and now 66!!! But before to get 126 fuel, I had to spend only 20 token!!!
One night I was up all of its fuel 126 units!!!
I suggest you Wake up at midnight in order to use the fuel???
You just kill the game!!!
You aren’t fixing the bugs and hacks that I sent you in the mail and I recorded a video!!!
A lot of players using hacks to go in the top!!! THEY SHOULD BE BANNED


you know, I always felt this frustration everyone had was overblown and misguided but today I’m pissed off.

I just finished my school work, so two days ago I purchased a thousand reds with the intend of using it all for refills so I could grind BB as much as I needed everyday to get all three of my mech templates up to fighting capacity but today I just got fucked over. why? because fucking noobs only play a couple missions. well, so fucking what? why am I being forced to play as little as they do?

you guys really suck for this and I think I’ll probably just play total war over my break instead now.

saddest part: I woke up this morning excited to play super mechs for the first time in atleast a year and I woke to this. I might not even bother doing my daily missions today.


They also cut the daily pvp missions from 5 to 3 so we will get less gold every day too which doesn’t say much I guess it will take a lot less time to do my daily with the crappy matchmaking, yay silver lining… < sarcasm…

Actually, I do not give crap about this change, although it is another plain NERF. We all know, Tox, that this was just “virtual” money you never received because of quitters. Other than that, I just stated all I wanted to say in this thread:

EDIT: Wait, it is even better, instead of gold you now receive energy points… They are suicidal by nature, that is all…

neither of these changes affects me in the least other than the fact that they slowed down F2P players and matchmaking will suck longer now because they will need a few years to catch up to me. I don’t like staring at mechs shuffling by for 20 min because no one strong is on to match me.

wow so lame… this makes me so grrrrr…