Lost my account


Hello, I apologize I lost my account with the mail, I put an email that had already occupied and deactivated what I do?

Swords have been buffed!

Hello there, sorry that no one has replied to you.

It would be best to contact this moderator here for more detail and help:


I send a message to @Sarah247


I want my DeadWolf account back too. But there is no point, I will get same reply as 2 years ago, “We cannot help with an account that has been stolen.”


I’m not sure either his account was stolen or just somehow got deactivated and can not be reachable anymore, but if it just deactivated his account then this has nothing to do with him.
Unless it was stolen, but that’s an if.


I have not stolen the account just fill the mail of an old account and I can not access


I have not been stolen


I said

Ya don’t have to double post it to me.

And if you said “old account” then it can’t be accessed because it is most likely deleted. This happened to some other people, where if they didn’t log in for a long time, then it would delete their account.


Really i lost my account is level 142 all items maxed



Wha… you just said you didn’t get your account stolen then you say it was?
I get the feeling English is not ur native language, but wha?


My basic language is Spanish i use a translate


He never said his account was stolen.

He lost his account due to fake email usage.


Yea KilliN
Psd:Im you’r Fan :smiley:


I immediately contacted them when it was stolen. Still didn’t get it.


Because they have nothing to do with stolen accounts.

The only one responsible for an account password is it’s owner.



Account desactivated


Exactly, so they shouldn’t be able to help this person.


He didn’t got stolen, he used a fake email.

Technically the game allows the players to use fake emails, and T.O.S says nothing about it, so yes they can help him with it.

@Jose_Beltran1 Do you have privately contacted @Sarah yet?

Else I can help to active your account.


Lol I used a fake one as well. How could they help with a fake email account though?


Email isn’t the only thing linked to an account.

Alexander helped me once with exactly the same issue, and if my mind didn’t fake me, they can’t manually activate accounts but they can change the email linked, so player would be able to activate it.