Lost my account. Again


So. Does anyone remember when everyone has lost their accounts because of a big update? Well. I do believe I have lost my account I had gotten back a few days earlier to this update. This is unfortunate and my friend is laughing at me for losing it ._.


Message the developers so the can help you out


Actually, I checked my clan. (yes I have 2 accounts in one clan.) And it is not deleted, rather someone else took it some how. I do not know how this time, I have not shared my username or my password, again…, and I fight this quite unbelievable.


Maybe sarah can help you, cause Im not quite sure how to help you.


LoL :joy:



I said it is actually not deleted. Or rather it is just taken by the same dude. I don’t even know, It is taken by someone else. This is getting stupid.


Like I said, seek help from the devsm only they can help you.