Loss of energy points after refill

Every time after energy bar refill with tokens, we are losing double energy for next encounter!

Situation at refill (remainder of 6 energy increased by refill value of 124 = 130)

And 20 energy burned for first battle afterwards:

This way tokens are further devalued, so please fix this matter,

Kind regards,

No, that’s not the real reason.

The real reason is because a purchased “refill” actually sets your max fuel at 120. (124 is a big lie, but that’s another story, your real max fuel is 120)

That means… regardless of how much fuel you have left, imagine that number to be 120 when you purchased a refill. It will make more sense afterwards.

Yep, your max energy is 120… not 124.
Furthermore lets say you refil when you have 30 energt left( assumtion)… your energy will show 154… but that is just visual… once you play lets say 10 energy mission… you will end up with 110.
See what i mean?

Of course… It is clear how it works, just this is BUG in its nature (or false advertising!) ! - I don’t need to reason it with myself - this is prime example of sloppy programming. There has to be 2 limits, 120 for time based tokens gain (or less depending on char. lvl), and exclusion/case to that rule in form of surplus over 120 (no matter how high) when refill bought with tokens

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