Losing stars in chat battles


normally, doing chat battle is just for fun. Rank is unchanged no matter who wins.
recently, I tried to have a battle. I, however, realized I brought wrong mech, so I quit the battle in order to change. And I lost one of my stars
what is that? intentional thing by devs (so people should suffer in chat battles would they encounter wrong opponent) or a bug (which wasn’t in game until recently)

UPD weird, I now have old amount of stars. But, I looked after doing 2 more battles, one I won, in other my opponent quit



Have been present for over a year too. (like many other bugs)

It actually doesn’t reduce your stars, it just shows it that way. If you log out and log back in, you will see your stars still at the previous value.


yep already realized that. But part with “Have been present for over a year too” is not true - I’m playing SM for year or so and only today this bug happened


It is true, it just hasn’t happened to you.

It’s quite random. Sometimes happen, sometimes not.