Losing Fusion Points


Today I decided to do the “Boost an Item 1000 times” mission by fusing away my level 9 item into something else and then fusing the fused item into something else. A level 9 item is worth 38k fusion points. So I noticed in the 3rd item that the fusion points went down to 12k. What the hell?


When you fuse high level stuff into other stuff you lose fusion points because… I don’t know actually. But it happens, so lesson learned, don’t do whatever you did.

######Why did I even post this


It uses the amount of fusion that item would have at its current fusion level, without extra power. For example, if you fuse a maxed (Level 16) Saurus Rifle with 600k power into a “level 30” torso, it would only transfer 465920 power, since a maxed Saurus Rifle requires 465920 power. And then if you fuse that “level 30” torso (that you fused with the Saurus Rifle) into another level 30 torso, it would only transfer 460800 power, since the torso would only be Power Level 15, and 460800 is the power requirement for power level 15 for that torso.

Tl;dr always reach the next power level in a certain item before using it to fuse other items, unless you are willing to lose power.