Lose 500 - 1000 - 2000 - 5000 position with 1 LOSE


I don’t understand, sometimes, i’m in top 150 (ex.)
i lose only 1 game and i lose 500 or 1000 position in the ranking.
Sometimes i lose 2.000 and sometimes 5.000.

Is it normal ? Bug or something else ?


maybe it depends on the rank of the person ur fighting


its well… normal. Depends on who u lose to. If it’s someone in 10,000 youre gonna go to 5,000.
When losing: The lower they are, the more u lose. The higher they are, the less u go down.


So tell me how a “top 150” player can lose with an “top 5.000” player


the top 150 player is rusty and th top 5000 player is an aspiring one whose going up to top 1k or top 500


The problem is very different from what we are discussing.
Look what
@Elcent write on this post : http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/not-sure-whats-going-on/1174
@Dead_Inside on : http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/why-do-i-even-play-this-game/1079
and look …

with 73% ratio put me at the end of lv. 2 just before lv. 3 :rage: Not possible !


73% is actually bad. U got a 3:1 win lose ratio. I hate to break it to u but thats mediocore. Nowwww, for a free to play player it is decent.


Well, Thank you @Dead_Inside for the reply.

All you say is fine for me, but however, does not justify the position in any case.
The problem is not whether I am or not a good player, the problem is these rushes in the standings.


Well its pretty simple. If u lose to a rank 2 u go down a lot. Even losing to someone outside the top 100 drags u down a lot. If ur losing to people in 2,000 - 10,000 place youll be heading there urself.
Now if u lose to someone in the top 10 u only go down 5 - 15 places.
Some times it may seem inconsistent or ur probably thinking one loss results in too much of a drop in rank. The reason this system is in place is so that multiple people dont co-pilot and always pool into the top 10. I still do believe that the drops are too drastic and lead to the tournament winners being decided by luck. One loss during the last hour and oh well sorry better luck next week!