Lord Gorgon smells so bad

Fill in the blanks with your own punchline . The forum has been a bit stale.

I will start

Lord Gorgon smells so bad he has to creep up on the bath.

why is LG a me me now???

Want it in meme form ? Ok … leave a punchline

Me when exist: ____________

Lord gorgon is lord smelly
If you feel offended by the post tell me I will delete it @lordgorgon

Come here @lordgorgon, you’re being insulted :face_with_head_bandage:

This smell is designed to attract females and, in the meantime to rebuke virgin males.

Works well, as observed in this thread.



So if I think you smell good, does that mean I’m a sexually experienced male girl?

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Itd indicate so yes.

Lord Gorgon smells so bad,

His nose bleeds everyday


Lord Gorgon smells so bad he makes speed stick slow down.

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lordgorgon farts are fire farts, thats a fact, he also would have to bath more frequently thanks to that, disgraceful he doesnt


Lord Gorgon smells so bad his crown melted

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Lord gorgon smells so bad he smells like literal sh*t.

no ffense

@lordgorgon please come here and let everyone participating you are not offended so they can let loose in this activity . PLEASE give us warning when you will arrive to bear is the stench should we still be around . Thank you

Let loose peeps, @Shabbadoo52 is a bro, he cant offend me.

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I can smell your breath from that one message

Lord Gorgon smells so bad, he lost his nose last year

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Thats all you got people?


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