Loot Boxes (item chests) are gambling?


You will find all threw supermechs you can never ever buy a specific item you have to get items threw opening “item chests” which really really pushes you to do one of two things grind very very slowly to the top or spend money to buy tokens to get these " premium chests" which is pretty common in most free2play games but this… is not done right or ethical at all it finds every nook and cranny to shove this crap down are throats like the constant sales and things like that. They actively try to exploit peoples emotions and weaknesses. for example the ranked system is i have to say very unbalanced on purpose to make people think hmm i see this is on sale i might as well buy it , it starts a five dollars here and there but what they are really aim for is the people they call “Whales” basically people who will pay ridiculous amounts of money for a game that ain’t even worth 8 bucks. they use slot machine tactics all over the place like exclusive offers , the buy now to get something very powerful but at the end of the day it is a 1 in a 100 chance but the people don’t know that they spend little to a 100 bucks but there are some tragic stories out there of people who have had there lives ruined by these “loot-boxes” and “card packs” literally bankrupting them self’s or putting them selves in crippling debt like fifa is an great example of this just read into the stories about the addiction these things cause , and they get away with it because the law has not caught up with technology yet. and just a word to the wise don’t fall into the pit whole of these loot boxes.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLDid1UNyg8 ) This will explain this better than i could ever explain it btw.


Yes “chests”,“boxes”,“crates” are gambling


Its kinda sad that even back in the older version , items like legendary/mythical tiers are also available in mix boxes that anyone can get , anyone can be a top player as long as they put enough time into it , now the legendary-myth evolve tier items can only be found in premium boxes , silver boxes that any f2p can buy can only give you epics RARELY , meaning that if you want the best weapons , you have to pay and they only exist in prem boxes/packs


yes…the good old times…
but…it was not as profitable as it is now
altough ts’s website clearly states that their two principal game made them
MILLIONS of dollars…


I actually like boxes, especially the fortune box,it made the game more fun,the secret is to not spend money in this game

also,maybe it’s gambling but this isn’t real life,so it’s just ok


You are right as long as you don’t buy tokens.
So IT IS gambling, like in real life.


It might be good for the people who can control them selves but it is the people with the addiction habits and here is the thing look at some games that boost about having a player spend like 20k worth of loot boxes , to me that person is in need a of an intervention not a game that actively promotes these dangerous habits , it is a system that actively prays on human weakness it is so under handed, but sorry lad but defending these things is like saying torture is a viable way of extracting information.

( edit ) Look at this slime, some games company’s are pattering ways of psychological manipulation

As they put it “turning players into payers”


But you cannot annul or limit the freedom of people, as long as the exercise of that freedom does not negatively affect a third party.

In some legislations there are special rules and restrictions against addictive games. In others there are limits to what can be invested daily or monthly in on-line games.

In any case, it´s a subject in which minors should be protected.