Looks like they nerfed energy weapons

Or at least how energy weapons work.

Say you have a weapon that lowers the max heat cap by 10 and it does 10 energy damage. and you shoot a mech that has 20 energy cap.

Energy weapons used to break first and then drain.
The old way you fire your weapon and hit the mech that has 20/20 energy cap, you would break his energy cap by 10 making it 10/10 then drain 10 leaving him 0/10

Now they drain first then break.
How it is now, you shoot your weapon and he has 20/20 energy then you lower his energy to 10/20 then the cap break happens leaving him 10/10 energy.

This may not sound like much but when you fight mechs with 500+ energy it becomes impossible to 0 them out even with 2 blue ash creators.

Im curious to know if they did the same thing to heat weapons?
I’m just pointing out the change. not complaining about it.


how long since that happened?


this doesn’t make any since to me


here i’ll make it easy… Say you have a weapon that lowers the max heat by 10 and it does 10 energy damage. and you shoot a mech that has 20 energy.

The old way you fire your weapon and hit the mech and you would break his energy by 10 making it 10/10 then drain 10 leaving him 0/10

How it is now, you shoot your weapon and he has 20/20 energy then you lower his energy to 10/20 then the break happens leaving him 10/10 energy.


Idk I just noticed it today.
With two blue ash creators it was hard to notice I only noticed it because I fought someone with over 500 energy.


sorry for not answering, trying to do math test


okay i am not sure about heat i can check soon though


Whom did you fight Toxic ? El Metre ?
‘Break’ isn’t mechanics, just cosmetics. It took me but i still (campaign) can see that drain happens first then energy dmg. The moment draining results in 0 energy at oponent, remaining ‘energy drain potential’ is added to energy dmg.
Chances are you stumbled upon someone who can regen more then you can drain him (at least as i can see it after few tests this evening, everything seems as usual)


You do not know what break is. Break lowers the maxium amount of recovery or cool down, or heat cap or energy cap.
Break can also lower the amount of resistance an opponent has.
Break is not the converted drain to damage from draining a 0 energy opponent.

What this weapon does is it drains 209 energy and lowers (breaks) the maximum energy capacity by 48.
Before the -48 would of been applied first then the 209 drain. So if you shot someone that had 250 energy it would go to 0 /202
Now if you shoot someone that has 250 energy they go to 41/ 250 energy first then the break happens making them 41 / 202

This is the example of it. Before I would’ve drained it to 0

“Chances are you stumbled upon someone who can regen more then you can drain him (at least as i can see it after few tests this evening, everything seems as usual)”

Even though this has nothing to do with what I am talking about…

I can drain 466 energy with my 2 ash creators and drone I don’t think anyone in the game right now can regen 466 pert turn yet.


There is problem with this “nerf”. Noone can regen that much energy. Most likely if this was the first or 2nd turn, You would lose from having a no energy by 2nd or 3rd turn.

In short if you can drain your enemy in the first turn, you most likely will win.

If you can survive being drained and in process drain your enemy in 2nd turn you will win.

Most weapon in the game require energy. (within heat/pys there are maybe 1-2 that don’t require energy)

See the problem^^^?



That is not the real problem, physicals and heaters both have 0 energy weapons, heat grapples and physical grapples use 0 energy, charge use 0 energy, and heat drones use 0 energy, Energy types have no defence vs these weapons. Not bragging but I probably have one of the strongest energy types in the game and when I fight an equally well fused and built heater or physical I lose about half the time. The real problem is the match making, it matches people who may be high rank in the high scores but they are still no real match for the top 10 mechs in the game, this will improve over time though. Unfortunately if they only matched the top 10 with the top 10 then the top 10 would never get matches…

I mean hell heaters have 0 energy death punch, 0 energy shotgun, 0 energy mid range rifle, 0 energy artillery, 0 energy drones and 0 energy unlimited range utility weapons. You drain them to 0 they keep firing both weapons and their drone. You overheat a energy mech it don’t fire anything you drain a energy mech to 0 energy it don’t fire anything… All energy weapons even our grapple use energy…

When I say this i get this a lot…
"but I can’t overheat you Toxic…and you can drain me " that’s because i have 550 heat and 200 cool down and you have 190 energy with 140 recovery… " If I had 350 heat every mech with dual mythic corrupt lights and 350 energy would own me and they did before I upgraded my modules…
If you had 550 energy and 200 recovery it would be a different story when you fight me…

“But most of the 0 energy weapons are legendary / mythic” Well so are all the high hitting energy drainers…

If someone ever decides to make a physical with a shotgun and needler (annihilation) or 2 needlers (annihilations) with 2100+ health and a heat drone and a heat death punch, physical charge and grapple it will pretty much own every energy mech in the game… But people build them to stand in one spot and have a weapon for each range instead of closing and doing damage…
That mech design uses 0 energy for its weapons and deals massive damage.

A heater with a shotgun and a sorrow or 2 with heat drone and heat grapple and physical charge will also be very powerful and use 0 energy.

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You forget one aspect of this.
High energy heat builds… worh dual flames.
Yeah energy is strong… and we canibelize ourself in the procces.
Sure i own you, and rising… but i lose to 430+ energy heaters… you would to. And the start is the most important factor.
Once we all get fully fused, start will determin wether tou win or lose even in 2v2 or 3v3.
This game provides no real chalange, no real strategy.
You get spawned next to a double heater with 400 energy… well you are facked… unless you are a double heater with more heatcap or cooldown.
See the big picture. Same as with energy.
There is no real balance or fairness.
You know my mechs… they arent fully fused… still have 8 myths at lvl 1, and 4 legendaries plates not even touched.
I made a calculation phis vs energy… energy wins most of the times… but add some myth plates to equation… and phis will win always.
A single module changes the builf in so many ways.
And i agree with you heat is op… it has always been… even in old version… best owned evrybody.
All we can do is speculate around fussion and lvl of fussion
But when you even that… heat wins no matter what.


I agree with you 100% and that is my point exactly.
People complain that one type of mech is OP but I disagree with this, it is not because of the type, type don’t really matter. What matters is your design and how well fused you are.

Modules are king in this game now…

@El_Metre your new physical would beat most energy types in this game if not all.

I have done the same math you are once again 100% right.

Once people start doing good designs and people start to fully fuse their stuff energy will be just like it was before the update the weakest type.


It cant beat 2 new lavas… or 2 ash generator once u use the same modules.
I can build the perfect phis mech 3180 hp, 540 heat cap with 224 cooldown, 214 energy and 64 regeb myth hook, myth charge, 1kg tp, void drone 2 anihilationd. And i would lose to a 2x new lava(dont know the name) shotgun(dont know the name) and drone… he would have 2800 hp, i would run outbof things to shoot.


Even with 2 full mythic blue ash creators I cant beat 2 lavas either. Mr. X always beats me when we fight.


I have done this math too you can theoretically build a physical with so much HP that it could win using only stomp lol unless it fights a heater.


It is simple math… and it beats us to a pulp.
But you know i can build a heater that can dominate evrything… except another heater like it…
Reminds me of whe they launched 2 years ago axe and lavaspray.
For 2 months we had that cancer build… same facking build in whole of top 20… allbit mattered was the start


i actually dont really care about energy mechs. a lot of heat mechs that consume energy ( like mine ) have 300 energy cap and 150-250 regen the only problems are the fully maxed mythicals and the electric deathpunch


Yes i can confirm what @ToxicDoll noticed.
There was a change in the mechanics of energy wepons.
But it isnt a new thing they did it in the past so to “balance” the wepons.
120 energy/heat mech, coldifre with 80 drain and 10 energy breack , and 23 drain drone( this was the old setup in Legacy version) vs 120energy/ heat with lavaspray with 80 heat dmg and 10 heat breack, with 23 heat dmg drone.
If breack aplies first: 120-10=110, then drain aplies -80=30/110, then drone drain -23= 7/110.
If drain aplies first 120-80=40/120, then breack 40/110, then drone drains =17/110.
Heat version it doesnt matter when breack aplies:
Breack aplies first : 120-10=110 then heat dmg +80=80/110,then drone dmg +23=103/110.
Heat damage aplies first: + 80 heat dmg=80/120, then breack -10=80/110, then drone heat dmg +23=103/110.
So it is a clear advantage, or nef to the energy mechs.
Back then they reverted because this nerf they did made the heat mechs way to OP.Back then energy was a good counter to heat builds. When they aplied this nerf… boom heat wad unbeatable.And after that they made missle wepons not use energy, and launched the -33 drain drone… as a balance :))))
Expect more things like this, without warning


Who want to bet we will see no energy missle wepons in the future?