Looks like boosters don't always win :)


RIP all their tokens


Who is it, what happened and what round? :grin:

Should be obvious boosters don’t always win though. The top 2 BOATs are non boosters and many non-boosters did very well on the Champions Eras :slight_smile:

Plus, this update should give non boosters a better chance again since they can get more income from conquers.


I’ve always found I performed much better once I stopped even bothering with reds


I think there might be some truth to that. I feel like when you get your units with tokens (even blue tokens, for me) they don’t feel as valuable and I catch myself almost making mistakes with them more often. When I know I’ve gotten the units from constant activity, I’d hate myself for losing them.


I do agree with Milan, I do have a special feeling for every single unit I make.


I think though that there is a fine line between stopping boosting in order to improve yourself as a player, and doing it to the degree that it makes your experience much more difficult. I think the most-rounded players are able to achieve a solid balance, in that they don’t at all rely on tokens but they aren’t totally averse to using them


WRONG sad not true hehe


Him and his alliance appaear to have been a four-man premade who boosted a lot (one of theie members was #1 in M2 last era).

They got run over by the second place alliance while 3rd took all of their OPs


I don’t. Any and all infantry made by me are probably shaking in their boots. Their inevitable demise to become a suicide intel looms over them constantly.